Sunday, November 16, 2008

Is the old adage true? Life is not a romance novel . . . or is it?

From sweet stories about the first blush of love to those sultry stories that give you tummy tugs and make your squirm on your chair, romance stories inspire and titillate. Whether reading a great romantic suspense or a magical fantasy romance, you imagine yourself as the heroine and are carried away into the whimsy and imagination of the author. The hero is handsome, strong, intelligent and resourceful. If you’re reading one of my stories, he’s wielding an impressive weapon (and yes, I’m talking about that weapon) and his skills are unmatched. Now you have to wonder…where in the hell are all the real life heroes?

Reality—men are often in a hurry and thank god, because the kids want dinner and the laundry needs folded. And if you even think about a little midnight affection, be prepared to die because the alarm clock is going to scream at five a.m. and this heroine needs her beauty sleep!

I’ve heard some outrageous misconceptions, but I know why I write erotic romance. I love great sex! I love to read erotic romance because I love great sex!

I spoke to some friends who are avid readers and are happy that I write erotic romance because they love scorching heat between the pages.

I had one friend tell me that her husband is on blood pressure medication and although their marriage is good, reading my stories is the only sex she has at this point in her life.

And I was quite surprised when another friend informed me that she reads my books to her husband in bed and that it’s perfect foreplay to foreplay. (let’s just say I’ll be blushing the next time I have dinner at their house.) My next release, Hard Ride Home, is coming December 10th to Ellora’s Cave. The story is male/male erotic romance. I don’t think that one is going to have the same responses. But then you never know, because two weapons are better than one.

So are women truly looking for what they find in a book? Or are they just glad that there are authors out there willing to give them a taste of the possible? I’ve heard it said that sex can never be as good as it is in a romance novel…but I believe romance writers show readers that a romance novel is an erotic way to spice up your love life.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's the holiday season and in the spirit of giving, I'll be choosing random winners from my newsletter loop.
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Happy Holidays