Saturday, April 06, 2013

feeling foolish...yet thankful

So I've been posting blogs, joining blog hops, offering book giveaways and wondering why my blog is DEAD. and I mean dead. I figured I'm just boring. After all, I'm not the best blogger and far from consistent.

but you were here. You stopped in, you posted and you left comments. And where were they?
In the SPAM box. So yes I'm blogger illiterate. But to say I'm sorry and to thank you for stopping by, continuing to comment, but never seeing your posts come through, I'm doing a single blog post to make up for my ignorance on blogger.

Leave me a comment, tell me your favorite genre, along with your email address, and I'll send you a book from my backlist to say thank you and to show my appreciation.

KyAnn - (who will forever more check the f***ing spam box lol.)

Coming Soon - New cover for Just Kiss Me

Coming Soon!