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Cinderella Undercover
copyright KyAnn Waters
All Rights Reserved Siren-Bookstrand

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Victoria Rosso works for Echelon Shield, an elite group of special agents. Their assignments sometimes require they work outside legal boundaries. Her assignment--to help the one man who'd ever gotten under her skin. Jaron Quinn was the best lover she'd ever had--and the one who left her six months ago without an explanation.

Jaron is undercover and has missed his extraction date. He works best under pressure and as former Navy SEAL, he's been in harried situations before. Apparently ES has concerns. What in the hell is Victoria doing on his mission? It doesn’t take long to realize Cinderella Undercover is there for Jaron. So much for a simple operation. Now he has to deal with the one woman who knows exactly how to push his buttons--especially the switch that turns him on.


"Are you here for me?" he whispered, knowing Maxwell's security team would be listening through the devices placed throughout the room. The house was wired, but there were a few safe locations. The most sophisticated equipment wasn't failsafe. ES's intel had been detailed and extensive but hadn't sufficiently profiled what Jaron would encounter.

"Not you, specifically." The breathy words whispered near his ear. The seductive scent of her perfume lingered close to her skin. He breathed deeply. "But I'm sure I could be of service to you."

"Maybe I'm not interested." A slow surging of blood to his dick made a liar of him.

Inhaling, she brushed her breasts against his chest. Then she released a shuddering exhale. The angle of her hips rubbed her against the hard bulge of his cock swelling against the zipper of his jeans. "I assure you." She rocked against him, playing her role perfectly. "I can assist you with your not-so-small problem."

He growled, gripped her hips, and let her feel the full measure of his arousal. "Are you sure you know what you're asking for? I like to play rough, dirty."

"Then you think it's dangerous for me to play with you?"

"Damn straight. A smart, beautiful woman should know when she's in over her head."

"Hmm. Maybe I like to play with fire." She nipped his chin. "But I'm afraid you'll have to wait until after I speak with Mr. Evenson. I believe he has plans for me this evening."

Rage, white and hot, flashed through him. Six months ago, his future was too uncertain to continue his involvement with Victoria. But if she thought for a minute he'd be able to stand by and watch her flirt or anything else with a brutal man like Maxwell Evenson, she was out of her beautiful mind.

Jaron didn't give a damn why Amine thought he needed to send her in. He could handle Evenson. No way was he letting Tory involve herself.

He leaned in, pinning her to the wall. "You should know we're under surveillance."

"I like an audience." She cocked her head coyly to the side. "Do you want to watch?"

He released a breath. "What do you think?" She knew he did. The last time they were together, Victoria draped across the bed, her thighs open while she fingered her clit. Small gentle circles at first built pressure until she bit hard on her lower lip and cream trickled from her center. He'd delved between her thighs, lapped her honey until they'd both been drunk with lust.

Jaron convinced himself what he'd felt for her couldn't be love, because he'd had to protect her--by leaving her. Staying together put her at too much risk. Frank had shown him that. Shown him that a man who lived on the edge and risked his life for the cause couldn't love a woman like Victoria. Yes, she was part of ES, but she would never infiltrate cave camps in Afghanistan, or become part of a Central American drug cartel to stop the flow of cocaine over the border. Amine had pointed out the hard truths. Jaron might not come home one day. They both loved Victoria enough not to put her through the loss of another person she loved.

Jaron brought their faces close together. "If you push me, princess, I'm going to give you exactly what you want."

"Princess? Perhaps you should be on your knees."

He chuckled. Breath mingled. "A tempting offer." One he remembered sampling often. He recalled her swollen pink lips, parting her silken inner folds with his thumbs, and tonguing the pearl of her pussy, making her cream against his mouth. Swallowing hard, he salivated with want for a taste.

"I was given the impression that my services were needed." Her pulse fluttered in the long column of her neck. She trembled at his nearness.

"You have no idea." His hand molded to her hip. "But not here. Not now." He spoke close to her lips. All he had to do was close the space between them. Their lips would touch, but that would compromise an already-delicate situation.

Eventually, any new connection between them would complicate their precarious situation. Whatever they once had, and as bitter as the notion was, this was a connection they shouldn't have again. He wasn't good for her, and she was too good for him.

Tell that to his cock.

Memories of her throaty laugh when she reached orgasm came rushing through his mind with the force of a tidal wave. He'd thought incessantly of her since the night he'd left her bed...her life. Yet here she was and he felt the same carnal desires jack hammering through his body.

He hesitated less than a minute. "Fuck." He had to kiss her. "I can't believe you're here. God, but I wish you weren't." His mouth descended, hot, demanding, thoroughly kissing her. He pinned her to the wall, crushing her soft curves to his hard lines.

"Liar." She moaned, melted against him as her arms circled his shoulders, gripping him. He wasn't sure if she pushed him to get away, or clawed at him to move closer. He only knew he couldn't stop the onslaught of need and desire. Applying pressure, he urged her mouth open, slipped his tongue past her teeth and exerted mild suction. Fuck. She tasted better than he remembered. Warm and soft lips pressed more firmly against his. Not light, tentative, or cautious. Deepening the heated kiss, he coaxed her tongue to dance with his.

He wanted more. He wanted her. But they were being watched. He already risked revealing their familiarity in their whispered words. Therefore, he wrenched his mouth from hers. His chest heaved as he regained his control. Yeah, right. With Victoria, he never felt in control.

Cinderella Undercover
Erotic Romance Author