Sunday, March 18, 2012

Oh my holy hello. so I've been playing co-ed soccer for several weeks now. last night I was in exceptional form, not as a soccer player, but as a target on the field. I have a bruise on my elbow, my arm, my leg, and in the last 15 seconds, oh yeah, took a ball to the head. (I ducked, but not low enough) and gave myself a concussion. maybe a sport that doesn't have kicked balls hurling at me at a million miles per hour would be a better sport for me. I told my team I did more plays on accident by being in the way than actual soccer plays.

I'm feeling fine this morning, but yowza, I felt like a cry baby getting helped off the field. on the positive note, RSL rocked last night in their home opener. part of the Pride. Fan for life!

Have a happy Sunday everyone. I'm writing today and will hopefully have the new story finished. I'm on the last chapter. woo hoo.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

We have our new cover for An Improper Wife!

What do you think? Scottish highlander meets feisty English woman. Only she isn't one for behaving according to society's rules. Sexy, with humor and intrigue. I can't wait for the story to come out in May!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

To Purchase

He loves a woman. But he also loves his best maybe he’s not quite straight.

Sawin and Will Pennington have been friends for years. They attend the
same university and live together in a great loft apartment. Their
friendship can withstand anything...except Renna Polo.

Logan has
never questioned his sexuality until he sees Renna, his girlfriend in
Will’s arms. Will is gay. But what bothers Logan more, Will's hands on
Renna...or Renna's hands on Will?

Will has a dirty little
secret...he's in love with his best friend. Yet, Logan isn't gay and
Will isn't willing to risk their friendship to discover if Logan isn't
quite straight, but may be a little bent—Bent For His Will.

is in love with Logan and is intrigued by Will. She accepts what Logan
and Will can't...they belong together. But if Logan and Will take a
chance on more, where does that leave her? Right where she wants to
be...with Logan and the man he loves.

Reader Advisory: This story contains hot man on woman sex, hotter man on man sex, and burn-up-the-pages man on man on woman sex.

Bent For His Will

By reading any further, you are stating that you are 18 years of age, or over.

Copyright © KyAnne Waters, 2012

All Rights Reserved, Total-E-Ntwined Limited, T/A Total-E-Bound Publishing.

Excerpt From: Bent For His Will

Sun-streaked blonde hair fell to her waist. Dirty blonde, just
like the girl. Renna Polo was as kinky as they came. Speaking of coming…
“Tell me again why we can’t go to your place.”

Pushing Renna back against the corridor wall, Logan sliced his
leg between her toned thighs. Damn, he stood six-two and she was nearly
as tall as he was. Easily five-ten. Long limbs, tight body and a wicked
sense of humour.

He skimmed his lips along her jaw and down her neck. Her silken
hair draped over his hands as he stroked the ladder of her spine, to the
dip of her lower back, then cupped her luscious ass. Two perfectly
round cheeks filled his palms.

“My roommate’s parents are in town. She said it’s bad enough when
I keep her up all night. She doesn’t think her parents would appreciate
our interests.” A moan rolled from her throat as she rocked against
him. Renna more than moaned, she screamed through her orgasms. How was
he going to fuck her at his place? He also had a roommate.

He pulled back and smiled. Hard nipples prodded against the
clingy tank top hugging her chest. Although she didn’t wear lipstick,
Renna wore a shitload of makeup on her eyes. Heavy kohl liner and long,
sexy lashes rimmed stormy bedroom irises a deep shade of blue. Those
same eyes would widen and sparkle when he plunged into her slippery
sheath until she shattered. “Can you be quiet?” Heat from her pussy
burned through the fabric of his trousers. Fuck, his dick was hard and

“No. So maybe you had better fuck me out here.” She swivelled her
hips and he groaned. “Who lives across the hall?” The upper floor of
the old textile plant had been split into four loft apartments. The rent
and proximity to USC more than compensated for the view out of the
large industrial windows.

“This is LA. I don’t know my neighbours. They don’t bother me and
I don’t bother them, which is why we should go in, but only if you
promise to be quiet.”

“I can try. You might have to punish me. Paddle my ass before you fuck me.”

“How can I resist?” Why would he? She was hot, horny and totally
into him. Logan’s pulse spiked and he smiled. He could admit he wanted
more from her. He knew he hadn’t had enough.

“You can’t.” She smirked. “So maybe you shouldn’t be so good.”
She slid her hands into his suit coat, gripped his hips and tugged him
closer. “Let’s see if you can be quiet while I fuck you in the ass like
you did me the other night.” She squeezed his butt.

Logan claimed her lips and hungrily ate at her mouth. His tongue
lashed at hers, sucking, tasting, emulating the way he was going to
thrust his cock into her as soon as he had her in his room, in his bed
with her legs wrapped tight around his waist. “Shh. Will is asleep.” Not
to mention Logan and his roommate Will Pennington had an unwritten rule
not to bring dates to their loft. One large open room wasn’t conducive
for intimate encounters with moaning and heavy breathing.

“Will loves me,” she said.

He snorted as he slipped the key into the door handle and popped
the lock. “He might love you, but I promise, he won’t love waking up and
seeing my ass in the air while I fuck you unconscious.” At least, Will
had never hinted he’d like to see Logan’s ass.

“I’ve never lost consciousness.” She caressed his cock bulging
against the zipper of his slacks. “But I think you should try. I’ll
climb on top of you, ride that monster in your pants then it’ll be my
ass in the air.”

Logan opened the door then softly closed it. “Believe me, your
ass isn’t going to do anything for Will.” He slipped off his suit coat
and draped it over the back of a recliner. A dim light above the stove
cast a pale glow into the main area of the loft. Shadows darkened the
perimeter, but Logan could see Will asleep in his bed.

“That isn’t a very nice thing to say. What’s wrong with my ass?”

Logan pulled her into his arms and backed her against the door.
“You have an amazing ass. You’re just not his type. You’re my type.” He
kissed her pouty lips.

“As in easy and horny? Or blonde with tits?” Her low, throaty
laugh sent an arrow of quivering heat along his spine. “Or is it my
charming personality?”

“Maybe it’s just that you love to fuck as much as I do,” he whispered as he tugged open the snap of her jeans.

“Are you going to ravish me here, or do I get the pleasure of your bed?”

“Oh, you’ll get pleasured.” He tucked his thumbs into the
waistband of her jeans, touching silken skin. Inching her jeans over her
hips, he dropped to his haunches to tug the denim down to her ankles.
He lifted her left foot, flicked the strap of her sandal off her heel
and tossed the shoe to the side. He then lifted her right foot. Removing
the sandal and jeans, he leaned into the apex of her thighs and
breathed against the scrap of silk covering her smooth, hairless slit.
Cupping the back of his head, she swivelled her hips, rolling her pussy
into his mouth.

A hungry growl rumbled from his throat. He gripped her ass and
buried his mouth in her honeyed heat. Thrusting his tongue against the
silk, he wet the fabric until the material moulded to her clit. Her head
fell back and thumped against the door.

He chuckled and backed away. Hooking a finger in the drenched
material sliding into her folds, he grazed her pussy lips with his
knuckles. She whimpered, but he didn’t linger in her slit. He slithered
the thong down her legs, running his fingertips over her smooth flesh.
Warmth simmered in his balls. He rested his forehead on the sexy plane
of her pelvis and drank in her seductive essence. A touch of perfume, a
hint of musk and the sweet bloom of her arousal. He shifted his lips and
kissed her belly.

“You’re driving me crazy,” he whispered.

“Good.” She stepped out of the wispy panties, then widened her
stance. “It’s okay.” She weaved her fingers through his hair. “I like
being a little crazy. You will, too.”

Logan grasped her leg, lifted it to his shoulder and delved into
her cunt. Slicing his tongue through her soaked folds, he lapped at her
cream. “Fucking hot.” She rose onto her tiptoes and rocked her hips.
God, she was like the ocean. Wet, wild and just a hint of salty
decadence. He screwed his tongue into her hole.

“More,” she whispered.