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Susan JP Owens is in the Hot Seat

Today I have Susan JP Owens in the hot seat. Her new story Walking Into Her Heart is available now on Amazon.

Susan I'm so glad you're here today. Lets get started.

Do you plot or let the story unfold as you write? 
I’m a plotter and a pantzer. I take the initial idea and write a synopsis from point A to Z, from then on, I let the characters unfold the story.

Have you ever cried while writing a book? 
Oh yes, I’m a crier from the word go, writing, reading, movies, plays and if someone is crying, I join them.

What was the hardest chapter/book to finish and why? 
The hardest chapter for me is always the first one. Have I started at the right point in the story? There is a gut feeling I get when I know that’s the one I want.  

What is your favorite book you’ve written and why? 
That’s a hard question to answer, but if I had to choose “Walking Into Her Heart”, part of my soul and tears are in that story.

How much if any influence do you have on cover art? 
My cover artist allowed me to choose everything and I listened to what her thoughts were through her artistic eye. She did an absolutely wonderful job.

I agree. the cover is stunning.

Now for a little fun.

What did you want to be when you grew up? 
A cartographer, ROFL

Do you have a favorite quote? 
I have several, but I’ll go with one that to me is empowering. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Have you ever found true love? 
Yes, it took me thirty-five years.

Do you have any hobbies? 
I love skydiving.

Oh hello, you're a daredevil!

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would be the most essential for you? 
Assuming I already had the essentials like food and water, the next three: my dear husband, lip balm and a solar powered laptop. Yes, I’d keep on writing!

Thank you for stopping by.
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Friday, February 21, 2014

Anita Philmar's Black Dragon - The Digital Boxed Edition is Here!

Anita Philmar's Black Dragon is available. I'm happy to repost her blog on mine to let you all know about this hot dragon series.
So excited about the release of the first books that I wrote.

Now, you can get all three for one low price.

Here's the blurb for each

Black Dragon’s Blood

Amanda Spencer has spent years searching for clues to her first husband's murder. Now, she is close, too close to let William VanHorn get in the way. He wants to claim her as his wife, but she doesn’t have time to satisfy the man's needs. She wants answers not sex.

Set on fire by Amanda, William won’t let the lady escape. If she wants answers, he'll get them. As head of the Dragon Center, he has connections and nothing will stop him from capturing her heart.

Black Dragon’s Moon

Dragon Center agent, Dee Butterfield, finally has the job she's always longed for. On her first assignment, her job is to protect sculptor, Scott VanHorn. His rich dragon blood tempts her into an affair that could not only jeopardize her career but possibly her life.

Determined to find out who killed his best friend, Scott poses as a struggling artist to help the Dragon Center investigate a corrupt art dealer. He has ulterior motives for requesting Dee as his protector, getting her in his bed not the least of them. However, Scott soon realizes his mistake.

When the mission becomes more dangerous than either of them anticipate, Scott's black dragon blood stirs to protect Dee while hers calls for retribution.

Black Dragon’s Heart

Devoted chemist, Sarah VanHorn, lives for her research but fantasizes about loving Jake Ramsey. Her two worlds collide when the dragon center agent arrives to rescue her from the company suspected of producing chemicals dangerous to those with dragon blood.

Sarah's not the only one with fantasies. Jake wants Sarah as his mate and he's waited years to claim her. Now, under his protective custody—not to mention the influence of Syndetic's sexual stimulant scenting the air—he can't resist the fiery temptation to finally make her his.

But when tragedy strikes and their dreams are threatened, will Sarah sacrifice her career, Jake, and possibly her life to discover the answers? And will Jake let her?

What I truly love about this stories is the over all arch of who's the real bad guy.

Have a wonderful Day,


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New Cover Reveal!

Born Into Fire is coming out in print! I'm so excited that for the print edition the book is getting a new look.

Check out the hot new cover for Born Into Fire

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And the winner is...Under the covers blog hop

thank you to everyone who stopped by.

And the winners are....

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Winner of any title from my backlist

See you all next time. Please stop by for author interviews, what's happening with me, my writing and my soon to be sprouting garden. And coming soon, fun giveaways!


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An Unexpected Interview with Samantha Gentry

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Today I want to welcome friend and author Samantha Gentry. Samantha's stories aren't just hot but they strike an emotional chord with readers. So not only will you be turned on but you'll have a deep understanding of her characters. 

Samantha, thank you for being here.

When did you decide to become an author?
My original intention was not to be a fiction writer, not to write novels. I had my sights set on photography as my goal, specifically travel, landscape, and nature photography. While trying to market my photographs, I quickly found that I had a much better chance of a sale to a magazine if I had an article attached to those photographs. After selling several articles with my photographs, I found I really enjoyed the writing process as much as doing the photography. From there, I turned my attention to writing a novel starting with researching the market. I made my first sale (the third manuscript I wrote) to Harlequin in 1990 for their Silhouette Desire line of contemporary romance (using a different pseudonym than Samantha Gentry).

 Did you have to research forensic science or criminal psychology for your latest suspense?
I have what I consider a large collection of research books on crime, mystery, forensics, investigation…all the facets that make up a mystery/suspense story and I'm constantly adding new books. In addition to that, I watch a lot of forensics documentaries (the programs that give you facts about actual cases and the forensic science used to solve those cases). Of course, when writing anything dealing with forensics, especially DNA, you have constantly changing technology. Sometimes it's difficult to keep current between the time you do your research prior to and even during the writing of the manuscript and when the book becomes available to the public. This is especially true when dealing with a major New York print publisher as their lag time between contracting your manuscript and the book actually showing up on the shelves in book stores is much longer than the production process for ebooks. I am now having to live with that situation from one of my earlier print books. I researched the question of whether DNA could be extracted from saliva on a cigarette butt. In 1994 the answer to that was 'no' yet today DNA from a smoked cigarette is common. And I have a book out there, still available, that says it can't be done. Today's world of ever changing technology definitely keeps mystery/suspense/thriller writers on their toes and presents problems.

What tips would you give a new writer?
It can be summed up in two words—discipline and perseverance. Let's start with discipline. Since writing is most often done at home, it's very easy to become distracted by anything and everything. As I sit at my computer in my home office, I can see out the front window. Oh, look…there's the mailman across the street. He'll be at my house in a few minutes. I'd better get the mail out of the mailbox right away in case there's something important like maybe a check (rather than a bill). OR the dishwasher has finished its cycle so I'd better go put the dishes away because if they stay in the dishwasher for a few hours something terrible will happen. OR I need to go to the grocery store so I'd better make a shopping list while I'm thinking about it. OR tomorrow is trash pickup day so I'd better get it put out to the curb now so I don't forget to do it. You have to be able to ignore all those things scheming against you to rob you of your time. You need to be disciplined.

And perseverance is also necessary. It's very easy to become discouraged, especially after multiple rejections for your manuscript or a bad review for your first published book. John Grisham had 28 rejections (16 publishers and 12 agents) before he sold his first manuscript. Tom Clancy had 20 rejections for THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER before finally finding a publisher willing to take a chance on him. A bad review? It's one person's subjective opinion on one given day. Everyone gets them. Embrace the good reviews, ignore the bad ones, and move on.

Does working to a deadline inspire or annoy you?
The answer to that is…both! It annoys me in that I end up trying to force a creative effort into someone else's time frame. But it also helps me to stay disciplined because it gives me a schedule which is structure. I know that I need to write so many pages a day to stay on schedule and finish on time. If I'm on a good roll and write twice that many pages in a day, that gives me some breathing room if I run into a problem.

How do you deal with writer's block?
Writer's block? I'm not familiar with the term. Ah, if only that was true. :) How I deal with it depends on where/what/how I'm blocked. If it's the actual writing of a specific scene where I know what happens but am having difficulty pulling together the precise words, I'll skip down a couple of lines and type notes on what happens in that scene without trying to actually write it. Then when I get beyond the scene(s) where I'm having the problem, I'll pick back up with the writing of the manuscript. This allows me to continue with the linear progression of the story rather than jumping around. Once I've written the next scene or two, I can usually go back and replace those notes with the scene. However, if it's a problem with the story line and I find myself writing totally irrelevant stuff that does not move the story forward and actually brings the story flow to a grinding halt, then I move on to a different project and let the problem manuscript set for a while but continue to run it through my mind until I have the storyline problem resolved and can return to it. That could take a few hours or a few days, but eventually I get it worked out.

Now for a little fun.

If you were going to commit the perfect murder, how would you go about it?
Once I had explored all avenues and decided that murder was the only way to resolve my problem/the situation, the first thing I would do is devise an iron clad alibi, especially if I would automatically be one of the suspects. When writing a mystery, you have to decide on the ending (who dunnit and why) before you start writing so that your story moves in the proper direction and you can drop clues for the reader along the way. So, in real life I would need to construct my murder and leave no clues at all or false clues that led away from me. The first thing I'd need to do is have a solid alibi for the police to discover and verify. During commission on the crime, I'd need to be very aware of anything that could provide a forensic trail such as tire tracks or shoe prints in the dirt, organic material from a specific location on my clothes or car, make sure my hair and body is covered so I don't leave any individual hairs or skin cells. I would also need to avoid any kind of an electronic trail such as gps chip in car or cell phone, stopping any place that has surveillance cameras where I could be recorded, using a credit or debit card for anything, etc. Once I've been eliminated from their list of suspects, I need to be cautious about making the mistakes that real criminals do—the need to insert myself into the investigation so I can keep track of what the police are doing, providing too much helpful information in an attempt to explain things for them so they will look elsewhere. And the method of murder…a weapon readily available to everyone so that it can't be traced to only me.

Do you have any hobbies?
Definitely photography. At one time, I wanted to be a National Geographic type photographer…traveling interesting places to take photographs and write about it. That would allow me to incorporate my other favorite thing with my photography hobby—travel. Back in the olden days of film cameras, I had my own dark room. I also play bridge and like trivia games (been a Jeopardy fan forever).

What is your favorite time of year and why?
I think my favorite time of year is Spring. The deep freeze of winter is over and everything is fresh and new again. The shiny bright green leaves on the trees, new grass, all the brilliant colors of flowering trees, new flowers in gardens, and the colors of wildflowers covering large stretches of land. It's like a rebirth of energy.

If you could have three wishes granted, what would you wish for?
World peace, the end of hate, the end of intolerance.

Who's more fun, bad boys or perfect gentlemen?
Well, ideally it would be a combination of both. I think a bad boy, care free and spontaneous, would be more fun than the stiff, regimented perfect gentleman. But the perfect gentleman would probably be more responsible and considerate. So, the ideal man would be a combination.
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About Samantha 
Current release:  EROTIC ENCOUNTERS ANTHOLOGY (Unexpected Encounter, Masked Encounter,   
Steamy Encounter) available from The Wilder Roses Scarlet Rose line of erotic romance at The Wild Rose Press.  The anthology is currently available for a 90 day exclusive at Amazon for Kindle ebook.
World Wide Release in both PRINT AND EBOOK on April 25, 2014, available at and other online vendors. 
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Recent releases: OPEN IN PRIVATE a Christmas erotic romance November 2013, and HIS MAGICK TOUCH a witch erotic romance September 2013, both from The Wilder Roses (Scarlet Rose line of erotic romance at The Wild Rose Press)   Excerpts available at

Coming soon from The Wilder Roses, ACCIDENTAL ENCOUNTER.

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Under the covers Blog Hop

Love is in the air and I thought I would share a little about me and then an excerpt from one of my favorite stories.

I met my husband 24 years ago. we've been married just over twenty years and have two children. he's never purchased me a Valentine's Day gift. Never a card, chocolates or flowers. In past years, we have done special little gifts for our boys, but holidays aren't really part of who we are as a couple. But that doesn't mean I don't know what I mean to him. Every day is Valentine's Day, Mother's day and every other holiday that is meant to show a person that they are loved and needed.

it's the little things like calling on his way home from work...every see if I need him to pick up dinner. Sometimes I get busy writing or yes, sadly napping lol that I don't get dinner in the over. Never a complaint from him, rather checking to see if he can do anything to make my life easier.

Just as I get up early so he has breakfast and a cup of coffee before he leaves for work.

It works, without gifts, chocolates and saying I love you on one particular day. it's the showing of love everyday that counts for me.

Now for a tasty excerpt. Bent for His Will is about sacrifice, and then being brave enough to risk every thing for the one you love.

Bent for His Will - Erotic excerpt
Copyright - KyAnn Waters

To Purchase on Amazon -

“I can’t believe it. My best friend thinks I want to fuck his girlfriend. This is a conversation I never thought I’d have with you. So what was it that bothered you more? My hands on her ass or her hands on mine?”

Logan was quiet. His ribs ached from the pounding of his heart. “I don’t know.”

“Think hard.”

Logan took a step closer.

Will retreated a step.

“Both.” After tonight Logan had to get this fucking weight off his chest. The pressure was suffocating. “I don’t want other men holding—groping—Renna.” She was his girlfriend and he couldn’t stand the thought of her with another man, not even his gay best friend.

“I never groped.” Will backed against the counter. Perspiration beaded at his temple. “And I’m not other men.”

“I know.” Logan drew in a ragged gasp. Renna wasn’t the only problem. His cock ached and his head swam with insecurity. Admitting he was possessive of his best friend wasn’t easy. Admitting that the feelings weren’t completely platonic was unsettling. “I don’t want anyone, male or female, touching you either.” Powerless to stop himself, his mouth was moving and the words spilled from his lips.

Will laughed but nothing was funny about the tide of want surging through Logan. His ears burned and his head pounded. Heat raced into his neck and his stomach roiled with uncertainty.

He tentatively settled his hand on Will’s belly. “What if I told you I think about touching you?” Logan stilled his trembling fingers, exerting just enough pressure against Will to show his intent.

Will didn’t move, didn’t flinch a muscle except the one behind the fly of his jeans. He was stoic and silent.
Oh fuck. Logan waited, fearing Will would pull away. When he didn’t, Logan tugged on the hem of Will’s shirt. “I do. But tonight I want to more than think. I need to touch you.”

“You’ve had too much to drink.” Will’s voice quavered.

“No. I haven’t had near enough to drown the image of you…” He released a shaky exhale. “You with me, out of my head.”

“Logan, don’t. I love you too much to let you say or do something you’d regret.” Will pushed Logan’s hands away. The touch sent a jolt of liquid heat scorching through him. He burned and he didn’t want Will stepping back.

Logan wanted Will closer. “How do you know I’d have regrets?”

“Because you aren’t gay.”

“How do you know?”

“Because you love pussy.”

He did, loved the wet heat of Renna’s cunt surrounding his cock. Her soft whimpers and sharp nails. This was different and no less arousing. “You’re right. I’m straight.” He glimpsed Will’s groin. Will’s cock strained against the front of his jeans. Logan swallowed. Blood roared through his ears. Fuck, maybe he wasn’t completely straight, but just a little bent.

He could live with that. Because he couldn’t live without taking the chance, risk his friendship to—to what? Experiment with Will? Touch him? Kiss him? Fuck him? His stomach rolled. Tonight he didn’t know what he wanted. He only knew if left to Will, they never would be anything but friends. Logan wasn’t sure that was enough.

“What are you worried about?” Logan whispered.

“Losing you.”

“Won’t happen.”

“You’re right. Because nothing is going to happen between us. You’ve been drinking. You had a fight with your girlfriend and I’m not going to be the cause of your break-up.”

Guilt wormed its way into Logan’s gut. Though his relationship with Will wasn’t some hook-up, it could still hurt Renna. Logan cared about her. He couldn’t cheat on her because he wouldn’t risk losing her.

But, like breathing, his responses for Will were uncontrolled, and Logan didn’t want to control them. He’d figure out what to do tomorrow. He’d talk to Renna, be honest with her. He’d have to be because he couldn’t lie to her and he couldn’t continue to lie to himself. But, tonight…tonight was about Will. “This isn’t about Renna. Just you and me.”

“Believe me, you’d have regrets. We both would.”

“Would you regret kissing me?” He leaned in and drank in the scent of Will’s cologne. “I know you want to.”

“No,” Will whispered. “Because I’m not going to kiss you.”

Logan’s heart felt as if it jumped into his throat then plummeted to his feet. He put his hand on Will’s waist.
Electric current flowed through him, heating him, sending a high frequency vibration through every nerve. A rush of adrenaline weakened his knees, yet had him wanting more. “Then I’ll kiss you.” Oh fuck, he was going to kiss Will. His lips tingled and yet he shivered with fear of what it would mean to kiss him…what would happen if he kissed him…what would happen if he didn’t. That thought was more unsettling than the truth—that he was as attracted to Will as he was to Renna. Something different fluttered in his gut, something no less arousing than what he felt with Renna.

Logan did it. He slanted his lips over Will’s.

Will sucked in a quick breath. Then he stilled.

The kiss was just lips, soft and warm. Logan had never kissed a man, never wanted to until this moment. His head lightened and his cock hardened.

Will groaned, fisting his hands at his side. Logan rested his hands on Will’s hips and sliced the edge of his tongue along Will’s mouth. “Kiss me, Will.”


When Will spoke, Logan slipped inside. Kissing Will was dangerous because he tasted so good. Raw, masculine, and forbidden.

A ravishing growl rolled from Will. He snaked his arms around Logan, grabbed his ass, and ground their cocks together. “Fuck.” Will became the aggressor. His mouth opened, plunging deep, swirling over Logan’s teeth. Tongues tangled and sparred. Hot, wet, intense.

Will shifted their positions and backed Logan against the refrigerator. “We shouldn’t do this,” he hissed into Logan’s mouth. “But fuck, I can’t take anymore.” He cupped Logan’s cock and gently squeezed. “You wanted to know. Now you do.” He stroked Logan through his trousers. “Yes. I want this, want you.” His lips feathered along Logan’s neck. His mouth was hot and thrilling. Sucking, tasting and kissing. Will glided his hands higher, delving between them and tugging on the snap to Logan’s trousers.

Holy shit. Will moved fast. Logan fought to keep up, chasing Will’s mouth. Lips crushed lips. The whir of Logan’s zipper sent a hot torrent of need into his cock. Quivers rippled over his abdominals. His stomach tightened and Will’s knuckles brushed against Logan’s flesh. Fire licked his loins. His balls throbbed and his dick was kicking to get out of his pants.

Logan was breathing hard, immersed in the moment, awaiting Will’s touch. “Ah. Fuck.”

Leave me a comment. What does it take to make you feel loved and special?
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2nd Winner (must be in the US) Will receive a fun stuffed envelope.

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Ruby Bassett sits in the Hot Seat

Today the talented Ruby Bassett has stopped by the KyAnn Waters Hot seat. Her sizzling tale Idol Urges is available from the Wild Rose Press. 

How did you do in English as a kid? 

I was a very late reader, so school was not a pleasant place for me for many years. I went to tutors and my parents helped as much as they could at home. But for some reason the reading switch in my brain wouldn’t turn on. I was jealous of my friend who read Judy Blume and other popular books, and I was left out of those talks. But then something clicked when I was in Seventh grade. I went from being in the lowest reading group to the highest. The moment is still vivid in my mind, the moment when my teacher handed me the most difficult book the class would be reading. I devoured ever book I could put my hands on and have been making up for lost time ever since.

I loved Judy Blume Books too!

Does working to deadline inspire or annoy you? 

I’d never get anything done without a deadline. I don’t wait until the last minute, so I set mini deadlines for myself. Otherwise I’d lunch with my friends every day and take a lot of walks with my dog.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp? 

In anything I write the women need to be strong.  She’s always going to have a goal, stand up for herself, never bow down to any man, woman, or creature. She might be overwhelmed by a magic tiki idol, but she’ll learn to use its powers for good (or evil.)

What are your current projects? 

I’m working on Samantha’s story. Samantha is Wendy’s mother and, of course, stumbles upon the tiki idol which Wendy has lost. It’s great to see how the idol has different effects on different people. I guess it’s more like the Room of Requirement in the Harry Potter books. It brings out whatever sexual awakening the person holding it needs.

Sounds like the makings of a great series!

Do you write under a pen name? 

Of course I do. I teach Sunday school. Do you think I could get away with writing erotica under my own name?

Yep, I can relate until my youngest child announced to his third grade class that his mom was a writer and told them my pen name. Yikes lol.

Now for some fun.

Has the dog ever eaten your manuscript? 

I don’t drink a lot. A glass of wine or Prosecco with dinner, and I’m good. But the time my computer and flash drive got muddled and I lost 185 pages, I raided the whiskey my husband brought home from Ireland. I didn’t care that I could have drowned my sorrows in something cheaper, especially after 3 or 4 shots. I felt awful the next day, but I would have felt awful anyway.

Do you plot or let the story unfold as you write? 

I envy those who plot out their stories. I know authors who have whiteboards or computer programs that help them map their characters’ lives. I’m so much messier. Usually, I start with an image of the main character. She is typically in an odd situation and I just put a lot of garbage on the page. It means many rewrites and revisions but that’s part of the fun.

Do you laugh at your own jokes? 

Only if the joke is on me. There’s nothing more absurd than when I make a mistake. I try to beat everyone to the punch line to show that I am confident enough to look like an idiot.

Are you fun to go on vacation with?

I’m only fun to travel with if you like an adventure. I’d rather rent an apartment in a foreign city than stay at a hotel. I’d rather take the local public transportation than a taxi. Id’ rather try the local foods than eat something safe. (Although, I won’t be eating haggis more than that one time) I’m going to climb every twisty staircase of every dilapidated castle, hike every trail and meander through every side street. But every few days I’ll sleep in and lounge by the pool.

Have you ever found true love? 

Absolutely, and I’ll explain that true love is easy to find when you understand what it is.

Romance isn’t a dozen roses or even an inexpensive mixed bouquet. Romance is your loved one saying, “Thanks for all you do.” Romance is holding hands while walking to the grocery store. Romance is dancing in the kitchen while making pasta and warming sauce from a jar.

If you’re waiting for that diamond necklace or that trip to the Bahamas—stop. If you can only get in the mood after a five course meal and limo ride, you’ve got no mood to find. Luxury and extravagance is for those who have no imagination.

Thank you so much for stopping by.
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Anita Philmar is in the Hot Seat

I have to say i am so excited to have Anita Philmar in the Hot Seat today. We met in Colorado last year and it was more than a blast. 

What is your favorite book you’ve written and why?

Black Dragon’s series are my favorite books because it was my first attempt to write erotica. I wanted so much for the books to show all the things that erotica can be...dark, exciting, sexy. Set in another world, I could make the men stronger, sexier, and yet somehow marred by their sheer perfection. The women in the story had to be equal to the men and yet show how they had to deal with the strong men in their life by being emotionally stronger.

What tips would you give a new writer?

I’ll tell you right up front I hated this answer when I was first writing. Why because it sounds like a no brainer.
The answer – write.
Yes, I know what you’re thinking. I’m doing that but I don’t know if I’m learning what I need to learn. Let me reassure you. Writing a story of any kind takes devotion, not only to the characters and plot but also to the author’s voice. If you allow yourself to bleed (crying, laughing, sweating) into the story, you are creating a voice that is unique to you. This is the trademark of who you are as a writer. Other skills can be learned in classes such as grammar, plotting, expounding on setting, not using too many passive phrases. But by writing for pleasure and getting the story out of your head and onto paper you are exploring you – the author, the method and desire to flesh out a story that will move your readers.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Setting has always been a challenge for me.  Why?  Because I like a fast read. I dislike to much setting in a story. I know what a kitchen looks like so when I read I can become very annoy by writer who spend too much time with minute details. For this reason, I struggle with how much to include in my own story. I want to get to the good stuff which shows I’m impatience. Not the best trait for an author when you want to tease the reader and make them turn the pages to see what happens next.

When did you first, without hesitation, call yourself a writer?

Fun how this can take years to admit. It wasn’t until I received my first contract before I’d admit to other that I was an author or writer. Only then did I stop hesitating before stating I was a writer with confidence.

What is your least favorite part of the writing process?
Editing – the right side and the left side of my brain work total different with the writing process. The right is fun the left side is work.

I completely agree. Editing is the work. Writing is the pleasure.

Describe your writing style in ten words or less.

A hot fast-pace ride to a mind-blowing read.

I totally agree! Now for some fun.

Do you enjoy giving interviews?

Yes, since I’m doing this one.

Do you ever go around in a corset, high heels, and a whip to get you in the mood to write something naughty?

No, if I’m wear those things I’m need to be naughty not just write about it.

Do you laugh at your own jokes?

Yes, because no one in my household thinks I’m funny. Men have no sense of humor.

Are you fun to go on vacation with?

I like to think so. I enjoy seeing new things and love to travel.

I had fun with you at RomCon.

If you came with a warning label, what would it say?

Proceed with caution, this woman is known to cry over sad movies and make you burn with her smoking hot sex scenes. She’s loyal, kind, and fun to snuggle with but hurt anyone she loves and she’ll cause you intense pain while relishing every moment of your suffering. Best to avoid if not looking for a lifetime commitment because friends are for life, lovers are forever, and enemies live in hell.

thanks so much for being here.
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Anita's newest release release In Deep Water
can be found at --

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Waiting for spring

Last year I had the best time working in my garden. I had more tomatoes and cucumbers than we could eat. I canned salsa and pickles. I'm getting ready to start my seedlings. I figure they'll need to be in the house 6 weeks before I can move them to the greenhouse.

So as I was cleaning out the pictures in my phone, I thought I'd share some with you.

This was a tomato that was destined to be noticed. lol

We had watermelon but none of them really ripened. So I won't be doing watermelon or cantaloupe this year. I think I'll do corn instead. 

We had these giant tomatoes but the tasted like shit and were mostly core and inedible parts. 
Won't be doing this variety again either.

I did love the purple cherry tomatoes. these medium tomatoes were good for salsa. 
But sheesh we had way too many.

I ended up with about 40 quarts of salsa.

and 20 quarters of pickles from one cucumber plant! 

At the peak of harvest, this was my average take every couple of days, 

My neighbor has apple trees and since I decided to channel Betty Crocker, I made apple pie filling too. It makes great Apple Crisp. Too bad my family doesn't like apple crisp. lol

The Crap Apple tree is coming down this spring. the only thing it's good for is pretty blossoms in the spring and crap apple jelly. but the work to make this crab apple jelly just wasn't worth it in the end. I'm buying jelly from the grocery store from now on.

Yeah, the apple juice wasn't worth the effort either. Apparently my family prefers the sugary type or the juice that comes in a little box with a straw.

anyway, those are my tribute to my planting season. Now bring on the sun. I'm done with the snow!