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If love isn't worth fighting for, what is? Ask Angela Hayes

"If love isn't worth fighting for, what is?"

Today we have the talented Angela Hayes in the hot seat. She has a new novel coming out on June 23rd, but you can pick it up exclusively on Amazon today! 
Who is the biggest influence on your writing?
I have to say that from the beginning Nora Roberts and Julie Garwood have been the biggest influences on my writing. Their characters have always been so realistic that I felt while I was reading their stories, that I knew them. That’s how I want the readers to feel about my characters when they read their stories.
Have you ever cried while writing a book?
Of course. There is a particular scene in Love’s Battle that took a lot of emotional effort to write. I hope that when the readers come across it they have the same reaction.
When you wrote this book, did you have an idea of how it would end at the beginning?
I knew I wanted a happy ending (I’m just that kind of person) and to me all good romances end with a wedding. It fulfills the reader/character relationship giving it closure. And when I’m writing, I tend to envision the beginning and end before anything else. It’s the middle I struggle with.
I totally agree with you. I want to tumble into love right along with the hero and heroine.

Would you like to be friends with the main character? 
I would love to be friends with Love. She’s such a free spirit and the way she sees the world around her is something special. She’s currently living her eleventh life and unlike her older sister Hope, she is in no way jaded to its darker side. She thrives on the goodness she can see.
And a follow up question - What is something you can picture the two of you doing together?
As much as I would like to go shoe shopping with Love, because that’s her thing, I hate shopping. What I’d really love to do is to sit down and listen to all of the stories she could tell about her many lives over a cup of coffee.
Do you write under a pen name?

I actually chose not to write under a pen name at this time. Maybe in the future, but right now, I’m really proud of being published and wanted my name on Love’s Battle.

I think that's awesome. The cover is striking.

And Now for some fun questions.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a marine biologist, but high school science wasn’t my thing.

Do you have a favorite quote?

I came across one the other day that really struck a chord. “I write only because there is a voice within me that will not be still.”- Syliva Plath. I know that the only reason I am a writer IS because the voices in my head won’t let me not be. They constantly demand to have their voices heard.

Has the dog ever eaten your manuscript?

Not the whole thing. But he does love it when I’m through with the paper I’ve been writing notes on and I crumble it up. He gets down right rude when I don’t throw it fast enough so that he can rip it to shreds. A pug/ Boston terrior mix, Mercury loves to eat anything he can get his teeth on.

Do you laugh at your own jokes?

At least once a day! I find myself/ my thoughts to be quite funny at times, even when no one else thinks so.

I sometimes can't tell the punchline because I'm laughing too hard at a joke I'm trying to tell.

What is your favorite comfort food?

It’s a real toss up between meatloaf, chicken and dumplings, chicken dressing, and spaghetti. I could eat them each for an entire week in a row and still want more.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. 

For more information on Angela, visit her website at 

Love's Battle
Love Howard has more than a knack for matchmaking. Born from a forbidden passion and a twelve-hundred-year-old promise, she and her sisters can literally see true love. And while Love has no problem bringing other couples together, her own romantic life could use a little help.

Danton DeAngelo has always been well grounded in reality. So it throws him for no small loop when the woman he’s fallen for believes that she’s been reincarnated eleven times and can actually see true love.

Now Danton is faced with the biggest decision of his life. Accept Love for who she really is, or walk away from her forever.

The hand Love pressed to her brow was visibly shaking. “There’s something I need to tell you. I just need you to keep an open mind.”
            “What is it? Are you sick?” Danton asked.
            “No, I’m not sick.” Her voice trembled on a forced laugh. “It’s something else. Something I‘ve been trying to prepare you for. This would be so much easier if you believed in magic. If you could believe that what I’m about to tell you is the honest truth.”
            Turning, Love opened the iron chest, the hinges groaning with the effort as specks of rust littered the floor. From its depths she pulled out a clear plastic bag that she held tight to her chest, eyes closed, before handing it to a confused Danton.
            “This is my tartan, my plaid. Before it faded and was dinner for the moths, it was once patterned in checks of green, gray, and brown. The purple and white stripes that ran through the hem identified the wearer as part of the royal family.” Love tapped the plastic, her finger pointing out where each color should be. “It was a gift from my father. The first and only time my sister’s and I met him, he was on his deathbed, we were eighteen. A week later our mother died in the same moment he drew his last breath.” Needing the extra air Love drew a breath of her own. “That day was the thirteenth of February, eight-hundred and fifty-eight AD. My father was Cinaed mac Alpin, crowned king of the Picts and Gaels. He was Scotland’s first king.”
            “Eight- hundred and fifty-eight?” That couldn’t be right, she was only twenty-five. “Don’t you mean Nineteen-eighty-seven?”
            “No. I was born for the first time in Scotland during the middle of the ninth century.”
Angela Hayes - 
A married mother of two, I split my time between bringing characters to life by computer, and yarn to life with needle and hook. You can find me at,  or email me at I’d love to hear from you.

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BDSM from Abby Gordon - Book Spotlight

BDSM from Abby Gordon

Beck And Call
To Purchase

Serena Traydon was tired of playing it safe. All her adult life, she’d done what was expected—worked hard, went to school, cared for her aging grandfather, and ignored her own needs. Just once, she wanted someone to take care of her and bring her passions to life. But those deeper, darker desires seemed so forbidden without the right partner.

Keith McLauren had spent years training for this moment. He was a Dom and a he’d finally found the perfect submissive. She might be his secretary but she’d never been at his beck and call. Could he make her his without ruining everything?


“Serena, I can tell you’re dying to ask me something. Ask it.”

“Do I know you? Do I see you every day?”

“Yes, you know me.”

Serena pulled her legs up and wrapped her free arm around them. This man was someone she knew. Someone she worked with. There was no telling what he knew about her. Or, she realized, what she knew about him, if she knew who he was. Shaking, she rested her head on her knees.

“Are you involved with someone? Are you in a relation—”

“No,” he answered abruptly. “I owe nothing to any woman. Or man,” he added, considering what she had said about Claire. “I understand your fears, Serena. Let’s go through a few basic questions so I get a better idea of where things stand. I don’t want to assume something about you and frighten you or unintentionally hurt you. I need to know just what sexual experiences you’ve had. All right?”

“Yes,” she whispered, feeling slightly reassured. “First question?”

“Have you ever been blindfolded or bound during sex?”

“No, nor spanked or—”

“Let me ask the questions.”

“Sorry,” she winced, although he sounded more amused than irritated.

“But I’ll make a note of that,” he murmured. “So you’ve really only been involved in vanilla sex.”

“What does that mean?”

“Mostly you on the bottom, him on top. Every now and then, you would be on top. That about describe it?”

“Except for me being on top. I’ve only had sex with two men. Once in high school and neither of us knew what we were doing. And,” she exhaled noisily, “the last one told me I wasn’t very good at sex. He said I didn’t seem to enjoy it or know what to do or anything.”

“Did he know he was practically your first lover?”


“In other words, he threw away an opportunity to be your teacher and set the bar for anyone else,” he observed. “So, if you have no objections, I will teach you.”

Model Fantasy
To Purchase

Supermodel Francine is the sexiest woman alive, and she just found her fiance cheating on her. A tipsy conversation about her erotic fantasies brings about the sexual encounter of her dreams.

Having withdrawn from society life, Grant seizes the chance to dominate the woman he's lusted after for years. But afterward, Grant must again deal with the spotlight when Francine's ex strikes back at her publicly. Can they overcome life's obstacles to make fantasy reality?


She closed her eyes. She had dreamt of that voice! In her dreams, that voice had commanded her to take her clothes off and wait for him in bed. To kneel at his feet. And whispered in her ear that she’d been a very bad girl and he was going to spank her.

“This is what happens when your reading goes beyond what your mother would approve,” she whispered. “When you wonder what else is out there.” She stared at the box. “I should shove this box and both cards back at the delivery man and tell him to…” She closed her eyes. “I’ll only ever get this one chance. Do I dare take it? See what it’s like to have a man do whatever he wants with me? What if the guy last night was right? What if it was Kevin and not me? Do I want to be more than the Ice Queen?”

Fingers trembling, she opened the box. On top of the tissue was another card.

Very good, my dear. If you truly want to find pleasure, then dial speed one on this phone. I will tell you what to do to prepare for surrendering to me. For twenty-four hours, I will make every fantasy you’ve ever had come true. Even those you haven’t imagined.

Francine lifted the tissue and took the phone. Hitting the buttons, she stared at the watercolor art on the wall. Was she insane? She had no idea who this man was!

“Francine,” came the same deep voice.

“Who are you?”

“The man to make your fantasies come true.”

“I mean, what is your name?”

“No names. This is for just twenty-four hours. No strings. No emotions. Just pure sex.”

The Master's Choice
Desperate to escape the emotional horror of her previous marriage and to reconnect with her sexuality, Ally
Brown takes a chance to push her boundaries and becomes a submissive at a sex club. Twenty-four hours with the war-scarred Dom, Master JW, and she can't imagine submitting to the demands of any other. Can she let go of her own insecurities long enough to breach the walls this hero has built around his heart?
A retired combat sniper, JW Franklin returns home to face an uncertain future. He's seen too many good men, too many brothers in arms, go down to a bullet or to the battle still playing out in their minds. Dealing with his own ghosts seems takes him away from everything, even family. Twenty-four hours with new submissive Ally gives him a glimpse of peace and maybe even a bit of hope for what he could have. She's his for the taking—if he acts in time to save her from herself.


“One spanking,” he murmured, his hand coming up and touching her collar. “Should I make it two?” She dropped her eyes and he grunted. “I gave newbies fresh out of basic a chance. I can do the same with you.”
As he punched his code into the panel near the door, Ally felt relief sweep through her body. Now, if she could pay attention, she might just make it through the next twenty-four hours with her ass intact. His fingers wrapped around her upper arm and propelled her into the room ahead of him.

Startled, she whirled about to face him. Striding toward her as the door slid closed behind him, he pulled the cloak from her shoulders before removing the barrette that held her long hair back at her nape.

“Kneel, Ally.”

Knowing what was coming, she obeyed but did not sit back on her heels. His hands were on his belt.

“May I, sir?” she whispered.

“Yes,” he replied, moving his hands away.

She quickly worked the buckle, moving the ends back a loop before releasing the button and easing the zipper down. He shoved his slacks and briefs down. She inhaled. His cock was semi-erect, but she could tell that it would be larger than most she’d been exposed to over the past month.

“May I touch you, sir?”


To Seduce and Satisfy
To Purchase

Loner, John Quincy Stormcloud is one of the best in his business--a security expert with no ties or emotions. Assigned to protect a sexy computer programmer who has seen too much, he breaks the first rule of bodyguards - never get involved. But he can't resist the allure of her feisty innocence, can't keep his hands off her tempting curves, and can't stop until he makes her his.

As an up-and-coming computer programmer, Debbie Sheldon has had one hell of a year, dealing first with the sexual harassment and ideas stolen by her male co-workers, then an attack on her friend. Vulnerable to her buff bodyguard's dominant seduction, she can't resist as he draws her deeper into submission. She needs him for the pleasure his body provides, but can he see her as more than job?


With that determination, she opened her door and strode down the hall. At the kitchen archway, she froze at the sight of him standing at the counter with his back to her. How the hell had she forgotten how big he was? Nearly a foot taller than her own five-four, he was probably double her weight and all rippling muscle as he poured his coffee. The ridge of his spine led between the flexing heavy mass of his back to black briefs that clung to a tight ass and thighs as thick as tree trunks.

“You keep staring at me like that and you’ll make me blush,” his deep voice teased her.

As she stared at the strip of black cotton that was all he wore, he turned around and her gaze landed on something just as impressive as his back. The purplish head of his cock poked up from the waistband. Ignoring her weeping pussy, she raised her eyes to his face. Tanned skin stretched over a high forehead, narrow nose, and prominent cheekbones. His eyes were nearly as black as his shoulder-length hair. Swallowing his coffee, he smiled at her.

“Morning, little girl,” he greeted her in a husky tone.

Her eyes dropped to his broad chest, and the crease of his six-pack took her right back to his thickening erection. Gasping, she whirled around. She heard the thump of his mug on the counter. Knowing that he was going to come after her, her mind ordered her body to move, to run back to her room. Her body ignored that direction. Her toes twitched, but that was all the movement she managed before his hands caught her shoulders.

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Spy Games: A series of heat, suspense and BDSM

One of the best series I've read. I admit, I'm team Chase. He's hard-edged, unbending and super badass hot.

To purchase

Trained For Seduction

Emma Walters didn't choose to be a spy, but when her crazy father was caught selling bombs to the wrong people, she was given a choice--become a spy or rot in jail. Her exciting new life as agent Kate Wells becomes more so when she discovers her new boss is the agent--undercover and investigating her father at the time--who took her to third base. Emma is already half in love with the dark and dangerous Chase Sanders. Kate wants nothing more than for him to finish what he started, but he's the devil incarnate. And one doesn't make deals or fall in love with the devil.

If someone had told Chase he'd fall in love with a certain virgin when he was on his last mission, he would have shot them dead, sniper style. She was nothing more than collateral damage, damn it. But watching the sexy new spy morph into a bombshell killing machine is too much to bear. So when the powers that be command him to train her in the art of seduction for her first--and possibly last--mission, he's scared witless. Making love to Kate means preparing her for sex with another man.

Somehow, Chase has to find a way to get Kate in--and out--of her mission without dying. And without falling in love.

Lethal Limits

Secret Agent Jake Anderson would rather have the measles than love his best friend's wife. So when she
gives him a mission--to find his own woman to love--he knows just the woman to target. Exotic beauty Tia Richards--his new partner--is wild, twisted, and has no limits when it comes to adventure, in bed and out. She's perfect for him. Now he just has to get Tia and his heart to agree.

Sexy spy Tia Richards has a problem, and the solution is Jake. The last time they hooked up, he left her bound and begging, unfulfilled, so close to finally getting the fireworks she deserves. But Jake loves his former partner, and Tia refuses to be second best. Will she listen to the ache in her heart that whispers she has what it takes to be first in Jake's life, or will lethal limits separate them forever?


Sexy spy Charlotte Smith doesn't go by the code name Dragon Queen because she's sweet and cuddly. She's cold, hard, and mean and has been training for the past five years to take down the men who destroyed her soul and left her burning for revenge. But when she meets her next assignment at a wedding,
her body protests there's much more to life than kicking asses and taking names. Actor Aaron James is witty, hot as hell, and he smells divine. But women with suicidal endgames don't indulge in casual sex, and they definitely don't fall in love.
Since meeting Charlotte at his brother's wedding, Aaron's life has been nothing but trouble. He's plagued by memories of the kiss he stole from her, and he senses underneath her aloof nature and frosty glare is a woman with passion and fire. When Charlotte is assigned as his bodyguard after a botched kidnapping attempt, he's psyched. What better way to get in her panties than have her pretend she's his girlfriend? Until Aaron realizes too late he wants more than into her panties...he want's Charlotte's heart.

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Moonlighting by: Kris Eton Book Spotlight

because I love a hot cop with a big weapon, I'm spotlighting...

by: Kris Eton

To Purchase

Kara just wanted to buy the sexiest dress she could find to wear to her divorce hearing. Instead, she finds herself alone in a department store with Jack, the most gorgeous security guard she's ever seen. What starts out as a misunderstanding, leads to the hottest sex of her life. Will fate bring them together again or will this just be a one-night stand that leaves them both wanting more?


Jack Darrow strolled the aisles of Smith & Smith's Department Store. He played his flashlight over the white plastic shoulders of a female mannequin wearing a negligee. With most of the lighting turned off for the night, it was easy to mistake the well-dressed mannequins for real people. Nothing to see here.

Moonlighting three times a week had its monetary advantages, but was far from the excitement of his day job for the Phoenix Police Department.


Jack's heart raced at the sound. He redirected his flashlight to the corner of the lingerie department. The dressing rooms. Someone was in there.

With cat feet, he crept closer. He should call Jim, the other security guard on watch, over the radio. Let him know there was an intruder. The store had closed a half-hour ago. There shouldn't be anyone here.

He took a quick peek around the corner. A brunette in a slinky, sexy gown turned around in front of a full length mirror and snipped off a tag with a small pair of scissors.

A shoplifter. She looked easy enough to handle. No reason to notify Jim. He could do this one on his own.

Jack stepped out of the shadows. "I'm sorry, miss, you're going to have to take off that dress."

The brunette jumped and looked at Jack with big blue Bambi eyes. "Excuse me?"

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Angel's Addiction - Book Spotlight

Take a look at this story from Erotic Cravings author Nese Lane

Angel's Addiction
Nese Lane

To Purchase 

his angel...

Gabriella Blanchett can't seem to resist the addictive lure of another pleasure-filled night with the smoldering rock star. He'd be perfect except for the sudden and mysterious disappearances in the middle of the night. His ability to sense her every need, coupled with the secrets he harbors, leave her head spinning, her body humming, and her heart in jeopardy.

her addiction...

Rock star Auro Moretti tours the world with a goal that's two-fold. He hopes his music is inspiring, but as an empath, he also heals tortured young souls in the audience with his gypsy gift. Protecting his family's secret and Romani heritage proves as difficult a task as keeping Gabriella in his bed.

She fills his soul with light...he feeds her craving for love...and a stalker threatens to destroy both.


I peered around the corner into the kitchenette area. Auro stood with his back to me, and I took a moment to appreciate the view. He'd pulled on a pair of soft well-worn jeans. The fabric molded his ass in a way that had me drooling. He hadn't bothered with a shirt. I watched the play of muscles in his back as he leaned forward and laid a single red rose on the room service tray. Preoccupied with his task, he quietly sang a tune I didn't recognize. The sound of his voice had me wet in five seconds flat. I'm so easy.

I slipped up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist.  "Mmm...morning," I said as I slid the long silky strands of his hair over so I could kiss where my lips met his spine. I felt the deep rumble of his chuckle with my cheek, snuggling against his warmth.

"Try afternoon, cara, it is nearly three. I was just coming in to bring you something to eat and find out your plans for this evening. I had hoped to wake you in a completely different manner, but this works almost as well."

He turned in my arms, pulled me close, and lowered his head to brush his lips across my mouth.  And there it was...the euphoric feeling of his kiss. The fix I needed from my drug of choice—Auro. It hit my system with enough punch, my knees went weak. I steadied myself by grasping his shoulders, leaning my full weight against his tension-filled frame.

"Sorry to spoil your fun, what would you have me do to make it up to you?" I murmured against his lips. Heat flashed in his gaze at my innuendo, and I pulled back and slowly lowered to my knees.

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Bound By Blood is Bound to be a keeper

L. is such an amazing author. Her stories will leave your emotions ripped and bleeding. but then her stories have hot vampires so a little blood is needed.

Bound By Blood
L. Rosario

To Purchase

Ivy Fiske has a simple plan. Seduce the dark and mysterious loner who's haunted her tavern for the last few months and end a year-long stint of celibacy. Though willing enough to accommodate the sexy barkeep, Benedict Sabinus has his own agenda. But things seldom go as planned, and both find themselves bound to the other in a way neither could imagine.



This was it. A now or never moment. A do or die. A put up or shut up. The decision had been made, and tonight I would finally look my fantasy dead in the eyes and say, "Hey sexy, your bed or mine?"

At least that was the plan, but I couldn't exactly proposition an empty barstool. I glanced at the clock behind me and frowned. Where the hell was he?

Like clockwork, the star of my fantasies had been strolling into my tavern every night for the past three months at 1:30 a.m. Tonight, he was late. Sure, it was only six minutes past, but he'd never been late before.

Perhaps his wife hadn't let him out tonight?

Oh God, what if he did have a wife? Given how utterly gorgeous he was, I wouldn't be surprised. Could I sleep with a married man? Had I become that desperate? Or worse, what if he was gay? Now that would be an awful waste.

"'Night, Ivy." The mumbled salutation preceded the jingle of the door's bell, but I didn't bother to look up. Swiping a damp towel over the counter, I couldn't stop contemplating all the reasons he wasn't here yet. Though what could be worse than a wife or being gay? Oh God, maybe he was dead on the side of the road somewhere. Or--

"Could I have a tall glass of ice water?" His deep voice washed over me like a soothing rain.

With my heart in my throat, I set the damp towel aside and turned to prepare his unusual drink. It was always water, every night. Why come to an out of the way tavern to order ice water? It was just one of the questions I had yet to gain the courage to ask him. I also longed to know his name, his age, his marital status, his occupation ... you get the idea. I wanted to know everything about this man--inside and out.

The ice chilled my palm through the glass before I could set it down on the square coaster. "Will that be all?"

Despite the perfected you're-sexier-than-hell-but-you-don't-effect-me tone, my insides were in a muddle. One look from this guy's silver eyes was enough to turn me to jelly. Was this something men learned early on in life? How to flash just the right smoldering look? If so, hats off to this one's tutor, because he did it like no one before him ever had.

What else would he excel at?

A blush crept into my face as I considered the possibilities. Wicked possibilities, naughty even. Oh yes, I could get very naughty with this man. His black, shiny curls were just begging to be twisted around my fingers, and his lips ... Lord, his lips were molded to be kissed and sucked. Did he have any idea how fantastic he was? Did he have any idea what I was thinking right now? For my sake, I sure hoped not.

"Thank you," he offered while wrapping his long, elegant fingers around the glass and lifting it to his lips. Those fingers could probably explore places I didn't even know I had.

Oh yes...

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wrong Number, Right Man...right story for a a little break

Today I'm spotlighting Erotic Cravings author Darah Lace.

This was one of the first stories I read from Wild Rose Press and one of the reasons I'd decided to submit to them all those years ago. This story is a hot little pick me up story.

Wrong Number, Right Man
Darah Lace

To Purchase

After too much wine, Lori Duncan calls her ex and initiates phone sex to prove him wrong--she's not boring and predictable. Jack Hartwell answers his roommate's phone and goes along with his sexy next door neighbor's game until he realizes her fantasy includes him and not his roommate. Was her slip of tongue intentional or just part of the game?

"Are you alone?"
The soft whisper rasped through the cell phone, but Jack Hartwell recognized his best friend's voice and figured what Lori really wanted to know was whether his roommate had left yet. "It's just me."
"What are you doing?"
Her hushed tone triggered his guilt. Adam had dumped her the week before, and she'd been hiding in her apartment next door, dodging Jack's attempts to check on her. He'd been the one to set them up and soon realized his mistake. He hated that she'd been hurt, but he was glad they'd broken up and was biding his time until she healed before he made his own move.
Hoping that time had come, he settled into the black leather recliner she helped him pick out almost a year ago and muted the volume on the television. "Watching the game."
"What are you wearing?"

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Seduce Me, I'm Irish by: Allie Standifer

Happy St. Patrick's Day! In honor of the Irish I'm spotlighting an Irish erotic short romance.

Seduce Me, I'm Irish
by: Allie Standifer

To Purchase

With the luck of the Irish eluding her, Lyra Roberts is at the end of her rainbow. In a last ditch effort to save her beloved Nanny's bookstore, she tosses a coin down an old wishing well. The result of her heartfelt wish is a six-foot-four, green eyed, dark haired leprechaun. He claims he's there to grant her wishes, including her secret desire for an out of this world lover.

Kaden Gold is called to meet his Liaria, his pre-destined soul mate, through the magic of a wishing well. The well has gifted him with the knowledge of her two requests. Always on the hunt for treasure, he didn't have time in his life for love, but the sight of Lyra changes his opinion of mates and he pursues her with the passion of the Irish.

"Have ya been injured in some way?" he asked, trying to ascertain if this was the woman shown to him in the water vision. "Do ya need assistance?"

The woman didn't answer, and instead turned and ran, screaming her red-head off.

"Cease!" he shouted to her retreating back. Instantly, she froze with one foot in the air, her mouth open and hair straight behind her like a banner stuck in the breeze.

Kaden closed the space between them, stopping in front of her still form. Her hazel eyes followed his movements, fear turning them dark. A weight settled in his stomach when he realized he was the cause of her fear.

Slowly, so he wouldn't frighten her, Kaden lifted one hand to brush through her fiery curls. "My intention isn't to harm ya, love. I'm here to grant yer wish."

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Academy Volume One - Book Spotlight

3 Hot Stories for 1 Price. The Digital Boxed Edition.

To Purchase for only 5.99!

Touched by the Magic

New to The Academy of Magical Arts, Briarlarn Tumbleweed wants to learn the art of a True Healer, but

Falling in love with the accident-prone but talented Briar was not what Uthiel had planned, but life with the sexy healer is adventurous, hilarious, mind-blowingly stimulating, and clearly his destiny. His soul awakens while taking her to new heights of ecstasy, yet he can't allow his own pleasure. There’s no getting around it—he must leave The Academy and pursue his quest to right the wrongs done to his people if he can ever hope to find happiness with Briar.

But is their love strong enough to mend the magic so desperately needed to preserve their world, and that touches both their souls with a searing heat?

Tempted By The Storm

Larksong Hammerstrike has always been just the younger sister of Princess Aryanna. Never quite as pretty or as smart, always lacking, a mere empath whose power gets her into trouble more often than not. But at Carnalval, the festival of all things sexual, she unleashes her sensual side for a night in the arms of a masked stranger. When morning dawns, Lark can't resist a peek beneath the mask of her lover and is once again crushed by fate. The man of her lusty adventure is none other than the future Lord of the High Elves and destined to marry her sister.

As heir to the kingdom of Landis and current instructor of wizardry at the Academy of Magical Arts, Sarco Sunwalker is honor bound to rise above the temptation of the beautiful empathic student who invades his mind, body, and soul. But when sparks fly, lightning strikes, and thunder rolls, Sarco finds himself more than tempted by the storm of Lark's passion and vows to find a solution that will prevent a war between races, fulfill an infamous quest, and win Lark's hand.

Taken By The Passion

Lizbeth wasn't given a choice whom to marry. She'd been betrothed to the, stubborn, arrogant, egotistical, Adan Hammerstrike, barbarian prince, heir to the throne of Alaria, and...and...murderer, since the day she'd been born. But, did that mean she wasn't entitled to follow her own dreams? Especially if those dreams could keep those she cared for safe? And so what if Adan had grown from the troll of a little boy he'd been into a ridiculously handsome, sexy man. Her heart could resist him, couldn't it?

The last thing on Albrath, Adan ever wanted was to be saddled for all of eternity to the screeching, boring, lackluster, Lizbeth Soulenticer. Though her beauty's beyond compare, there are only so many turns of the hourglass in a night to enjoy it. The rest of the unbearable time, he'll be forced to contend with her silly, hero worship, and her stupid pet choices. But, Adan is a man bound by duty and honor, and he will do what he must, even though he longs for a mate who will challenge him in bed and out. Not that he'll give her his heart, mind you, at least not until they both find themselves Taken by the Passion.
her nerves get the best of her when she’s paired in the sexually dynamic healing class with Uthiel Stoutheart, Paladin of the Realm. Between burning off his eyebrows and overturning a candle on certain exposed male parts, she isn't making a very good impression. But how can she focus when Uthiel is strong, brave, and touches Briar in a way that leaves her weak in the knees, quivering with pleasure, and begging for more?

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Friday, March 14, 2014

One the edge of the seat with Mary Martinez

I have the wonderful and talented Mary Martinez with us today. Mary pens edge of your seat suspense along with contemporary romance and fiction. But it's her suspense books that fill my digital shelves. Mary is an author who gets deep into her character's head. She wants to to feel every spine tingling moment right along with her characters.

Do you plot or let the story unfold as you write?

I’m what you would call a pantser. I have a general idea of how the story will go. I never know how it will end until I write it.

Did you have to research forensic science or criminal psychology for your latest suspense?

I have several forensic science books I’ve purchased at conferences that I use. And I rely a lot on the Internet. Heaven forbid if the government ever checks out the sites I visit. I am currently working on the fourth book of a suspense series. The forensic book is coming in handy for me to describe what the body would look like, the condition, etc. at the murder scene. Watching Dexter and reading the series helped me with death scenes also, LOL.

Do you have set times during the day that you write?

In my fantasies I do. But my time to write is whenever I can grab a minute or hour. It’s the most challenging thing about writing for me. Finding the time. Oh, and editing.

I know exactly what you mean. Even when I plan time, life seems to get in the way.

What tips would you give a new writer?

First, join a writer’s group. Even if the core of the group isn’t the genre you write. Having a group of experienced authors within reach is invaluable. Second, join a book club, one with readers not other writers. I know you’re supposed to be writing, right? Yes, but the things you learn from the readers help you to know what people want. You also read other genre’s and get a taste of different writing styles. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

Do you have to travel researching your book(s)?

With the Internet around, technically, no one needs to travel. But nothing helps a scene more than actually visiting the area your scene will take place. Yes, you can see pictures of Time Square, but to experience the energy, lights, traffic, hotdogs, sweat, perfume, that mingle together in a pot, is invaluable. You don’t get that from the Internet.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Thank you! I love to write, but hearing how much a reader enjoyed my book is better than finding the pot at the end of a rainbow.

Now for a little fun...

If you were going to commit the perfect murder, how would you go about it?

If I say how I’d go about it, it wouldn’t be the perfect murder because it would be out there. The first step to the perfect murder is NO ONE KNOWS WHAT YOU PLAN. The second is NO WITNESSES.

What is your favorite drink?

Easy: Morning—Coffee, Evening—Wine. And a few margarita’s in between!
Do you ever wish that you had an entirely uncreative job, like data entry or working in a factory?

Well you’ve just described my day job! Office work. I wish I could write all day.

Has the dog ever eaten your manuscript?

No, but the floppy disk (long time ago) my Watching Jenny (then Peek A Boo, I See You manuscript) was on was burned when I set it down too close to the candle I burn when I write. I had to take it to a guy to retrieve the information, he was able to save about 75%. That was a hard lesson to learn.

Are you fun to go on vacation with?


Mary is definitely a lady who loves to travel. I have her to thank for my research on Wanderlust!

and follow her on Twitter: @marylmartinez 

Mary is a blogger. Find her at...
Current release: Three Brides and a Dress
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Friday, March 07, 2014

Her Perfect Man is a Perfect Read

Wild Rose Press Book Blowout!

I'm spotlighting one of my favorite stories in the Wild Rose Press Wilder catalog. This book will make you laugh, make your tummy swoon and make you wish for the promised happily ever after. This is a book that stays with you long after the last page is read.

Her Perfect Man by Nona Raines


Kim Hansen has terrible luck with men. When her sexy downstairs neighbor shows a more-than-neighborly interest in her, she's suspicious. She's been burned too many times, by too many guys. Charlie Keller is smart, hot and successful--so what does he want with her besides a few nights of pleasure?

Though Kim does her best to shut him down, Charlie's not put off by her attitude. He doesn't scare easy. Kim thinks she's clever, using sex to keep him off guard and to maintain her emotional distance. But Charlie sees through her prickly exterior to her tender heart beneath.

But Kim needs to be won over. Sure, their bedroom action is awesome, but given her past mistakes, she's convinced that Charlie is too good to be true. Just too perfect. But if Charlie has his way, he'll prove that he's the perfect man for her.


He’d changed last night’s Dockers for a pair of jeans that hugged his thighs. Heat flashed through her as she recalled sitting on his lap and how hard he’d been for her. Oh, God, she couldn’t help it. Her gaze went to his package, which filled the front of his jeans beautifully.

Her eyes flashed to his.

“You like?” he asked. The same words she said to him last night.

She opened her mouth, but no words came out. He was the same man, but different. And not only had the clothing changed, so had his demeanor. This Charlie was not the geeky schoolteacher or the helpful downstairs neighbor. This Charlie was a really hot guy. And from the way his blue eyes lasered her, he thought she was hot, too.

“Are you sober now?” His voice was taut.

“Huh?” She blinked. “Yeah.”

“Good.” Before Kim had time to wonder at his question or feel insulted by it, he stepped inside, kicked the door shut and hauled her into his arms.

He didn’t so much as kiss her as devour her, as if he were taking up where they left off last night, before his conscience made him leave. Kim had no trouble catching up. The way he took charge made white-hot lust spear though her.

Their open mouths clung and their tongues battled each other for dominance. When Charlie grabbed her ass and lifted her, she obligingly wrapped her legs around his hips. He carried her to the armchair he sat on last night and fell onto it heavily. He pulled his mouth from hers to gasp for air.

And to ask a question. “Kim. Do you still want this?”

She stared at him. She couldn’t blame alcohol for what was about to happen. Stone-cold sober, she knew exactly what she wanted. “Yes.”

Enter to win a 10.00 Gift Certificate. You can use the gift certificate to pick up this smokin hot story that is on my keeper shelf!

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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Getting Personal with Debra St. John

Today we have the talented Debra St. John on the blog. I want to thank her for stopping by and sharing her time with us.

Hi Debra,

Are your characters based on real people?

My main characters never are, but in Wild Wedding Weekend, the hero's brothers and sisters are all based on my friends and their families. Which was really, really fun to do. And they all got a kick out of seeing themselves in print.

I love the title Wild Wedding Weekend . sounds like my kind of story.
Do you have trouble saying goodbye to characters?

Absolutely. Which is why This Feels Like Home is the third in a series.  In each of the three books in The Corral Series, the secondary characters interact and are involved in the main characters' lives. In each subsequent book, we get a little peek into what happens after the HEA for the previous heroes and heroines. And even thought Home is the last full-length in the series, I know in my heart I'm not ready to let it totally end, so I'm planning some spin-off shorts for the future.

Do you research your action/fight scenes?

I don't know if technically they are action scenes, but I spent a lot of time researching the bull riding scenes for This Feels Like Home. My hero Jake is a bull rider, and his profession is a huge part of the story/conflict. I wanted to make sure I got everything exactly right to be as accurate and authentic as possible, so I attended rodeos, took pictures, perused the PBR site over and over, and spent hours watching bull riding on tv: all the while taking copious notes.

Does working to deadline inspire or annoy you?

I love working on a deadline. I am much more deadline oriented than day-to-day goal oriented. If I set a deadline for myself, though, I have to have a logical reason for choosing it. Just picking a random date and aiming for it doesn't work for me.

What did you edit out of this book?

My heroine originally started off being a big city divorce lawyer. That particular occupation wasn't really working for my editor. She said it didn't fit the personality of the character I'd created, so anything referencing her job had to be edited and rewritten to fit her new occupation: an accessibility consultant.

Now for some personal questions. 

Are you fun to go on vacation with?

I like to think yes, but I guess you'd have to ask those traveling with me to know for sure! Most times I'm the vacation planner, so I try to find fun and historical places to explore and visit. Vacations with me aren't always relaxing, but they are guaranteed to have new things to experience and learn about along the way.

Do you have any hobbies?

In the summer I like to play in my garden. Taking annual trips with family and friends is a big part of my life. After we return, I make scrapbooks to highlight all of the fun things we did. 

I used to love to scrapbook. I still can't help picking up great paper or pens even though I don't spend much time doing it any more.

What is your favorite comfort food?

Chocolate, what else? Dark chocolate is my favorite. I keep an emergency stash in my desk at work, in the pantry, and in the fridge ('cause some kinds just need to be chilled).

What is the one question you wish an interviewer would ask you?

What was it like to meet Prince William and Duchess Catherine?

Me: It was such an honor and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. They were so gracious and kind and really friendly and down to earth. I was thrilled when I found out how much Kate enjoys reading my books.

Who's more fun, bad boys or perfect gentlemen?

Definitely, definitely the bad boys. Because when they're bad, they are oh so good.

You can learn more about Debra and her books at

And read her latest This Feels Like Home