Thursday, June 26, 2008

EC Jewels of the Nile Cavemen Anthology Vol II is here! in both e book and Print.

My story is After Dark.

Here is the blurb

Kayla March has never reached orgasm...not even with a vibrator. However, she has the feeling that could all change when she meets Alandro Blackwood at the club After Dark.

Few vampires can breed. Alandro carries the unique recessive gene. His blood match, believed to have been killed by a vampire slayer, has been found. Unless her dormant vampire gene had already been awakened by a breeder, why would she go to After Dark, the feeding grounds? He'd soon find out.

excerpt: “Haven’t you ever wanted to walk into a bar, pick out the hottest guy in the place, take him home and fuck his brains out?” Kayla March sat across from her best friend Nita at the local brewhouse, Coffee Grounds. She sipped a latte with an extra shot. Caffeine equated to energy and she needed a jolt.

“Absolutely not,” Nita said.
“Well, I have and tonight I intend to make it happen.”
Yesterday, the final divorce papers arrived in the mail. Kayla was single again after seven years of marriage.
“I’m glad my grandma isn’t around to see this day. She loved Tom.” Kayla fingered the bloodstone ankh pendant around her neck. She’d found it in her grandmother’s belongings next to a picture of her deceased mother. An ankh symbolized eternal life. Knowing that, wearing the pendant gave her comfort. She hadn’t taken it off since.
“She’s the reason you married him,” Nita said. “I loved your grandma, too. She was a sweet lady, but she controlled your life.”
“She wanted what she thought was best for me.” Kayla sighed, and then shrugged away the gloominess. When Grandma died Kayla had lost the only family she had left. “Maybe that’s why I stayed with Tom for so long. I knew the marriage was a mistake five minutes after the ceremony.” It hadn’t taken Kayla long to realize Tom saw marriage as a shortcut to financial independence with Grandma’s money. More than that, Grandma had ensured that even after her death, Tom controlled the money because Grandma had declared him executor of her will.
Oh, he’d been proud to have her on his arm in public, but once the door closed she existed in a private hell of indifference. Tom had never been abusive, but inflicted deep wounds nonetheless. And, although they’d had sex occasionally early in the marriage he’d never given her an orgasm. No one had given her an orgasm. Apparently, that was her fault as well. Determination swelled within to prove she wasn’t frigid, she wasn’t a cold-hearted bitch, and she was indeed sexy, intelligent and desirable.
Kayla wanted to experience passion, hot as hell, and without consequence. And
she told Nita so. “Does that make me a slut?” She twirled a lock of her shoulder-length hair around her finger.
Nita snorted. “No, but maybe slightly desperate.”
“Desperate I can live with.” She pulled a napkin from the dispenser. “I heard about this new club called After Dark. I want to check it out. I have this feeling about the place.” She touched the pendant again. Whenever she thought of the club, the bloodstone in the center of the ankh warmed her skin. It had to be a sign.


windycindy said...

Hi, Thanks for the excerpt. The book sounds like fun to read. Cindi

Michelle said...

Wooo, that is one hunky man on that book cover. Happy Almost more soon.