Thursday, November 18, 2010

Erotic content - 18+ Only

The Naughty List
KyAnn Waters
Ellora's Cave
Releasing Dec 8th!!

T’was a week before Christmas and Mrs. Claus conspires. Proposition Jack Frost to give Santa his greatest desire…

Santa ceased struggling against his bindings. Blindfolded and mute, he could do little more than grunt and anticipate the inevitable conclusion of this seditious act of perfidy. After Jack had removed Santa’s boots, he wound leather straps around Santa’s ankles. A two-inch thick leather collar buckled around his neck. He could swallow, but the movement put pressure on his Adam’s apple. Even if tape wasn’t stretched across his mouth, he doubted he’d be able to call out for help. A shudder ripped over his flesh. Heaviness weighted on his chest and his head lightened with euphoric intoxication. He was bound, gagged and apparently at the mercy of Jack Frost. That thought both thrilled and terrified.

No matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t understand why Abby would conspire against him. Why would she trust the devious Jack Frost?

Just today he’d checked the list, checked it twice! Jack was still naughty and Abby was still nice.

“Hurry the fuck up,” Jack hollered. Santa cringed. The reindeer didn’t respond well to harsh commands. The sleigh bumped and rolled over the frozen rivers and through the woods to Jack’s abode. Santa tried to keep from rolling off the rear seat of the sleigh by bracing his feet.

For as long as Santa had been on the job, Jack had been on the naughty list. He’d done some wily acts in his years, but he’d never fucked with Santa Claus. Never truly broken North Pole laws. Until now.

The sleigh came to a jarring halt. Santa grunted.

“Almost home,” Jack said as he pulled the warm fur blanket from Santa. Jack jumped into the sleigh, helped Santa to sit, then straddled Santa’s lap and tugged off the blindfold. “I don’t live in North Pole city limits. No one is around.” He tightened his thighs to Santa’s flanks. “No one will know what I do to you.” He rocked his pelvis, crushing his groin to Santa’s. “No one will hear you call out for help.”

With each seductive word from Jack, Santa began to understand what was about to happen, what he was unwilling to acknowledge he wanted. To do so would be naughty—and Santa was never naughty.

A shiver of apprehension skated over Santa. Was Jack going to give him a choice?

“Do you know how long I’ve wanted you in my workshop, Santa?” He grinned as he carefully worked the corner of the tape loose. “I have toys.” Jack’s gray eyes clouded with lust. “Bats and balls. Paddles and rope.” The tape slowly peeled away from Santa’s tingling lips. Santa didn’t have a long beard, rather sported neatly trimmed whiskers and a tightly groomed mustache. The tape tugged on the hairs as Jack pried it away. “Or would you rather play with blow-up dolls and Silly Putty?”

The Naughty List by KyAnn Waters

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