Sunday, April 22, 2012

RSL recap

Okay, so if you didn't know, I'm a major soccer fan. Well, my husband and son make me look like a novice watcher. (this as they are a few towns away at a community soccer field...just to watch Sunday Soccer.) Last night was set to be a major battle between Real Salt Lake and San Jose Earthquakes. Too bad the officiating, and Lenhart (of SJ) took the joy out of watching. First red flag from Espindola was totally deserved and RSL should play two thirds of the game a man down. I know refs have to make calls with split second decisions, but when a notorious player continues to get away with dirty tricks, it's frustrating to fans. I wanted to see a true team to team matchup. but instead SJ will have their win called into question from an unfair 2 man advantage and 6 minutes of added time. for those who love hot men, with mad soccer skills, playing hard and aggressive soccer, here is the recap.

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