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Bent for His Will - excerpt

Excerpt - Bent For His Will
Copyright - KyAnn Waters

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“I can’t believe it. My best friend thinks I want to fuck his girlfriend. This is a conversation I never thought I’d have with you. So what was it that bothered you more? My hands on her ass or her hands on mine?”

Logan was quiet. His ribs ached from the pounding of his heart. “I don’t know.”

“Think hard.”

Logan took a step closer.

Will retreated a step.

“Both.” After tonight Logan had to get this fucking weight off his chest. The pressure was suffocating. “I don’t want other men holding—groping—Renna.” She was his girlfriend and he couldn’t stand the thought of her with another man, not even his gay best friend.

“I never groped.” Will backed against the counter. Perspiration beaded at his temple. “And I’m not other men.”

“I know.” Logan drew in a ragged gasp. Renna wasn’t the only problem. His cock ached and his head swam with insecurity. Admitting he was possessive of his best friend wasn’t easy. Admitting that the feelings weren’t completely platonic was unsettling. “I don’t want anyone, male or female, touching you either.” Powerless to stop himself, his mouth was moving and the words spilled from his lips.

Will laughed but nothing was funny about the tide of want surging through Logan. His ears burned and his head pounded. Heat raced into his neck and his stomach roiled with uncertainty.

He tentatively settled his hand on Will’s belly. “What if I told you I think about touching you?” Logan stilled his trembling fingers, exerting just enough pressure against Will to show his intent.

Will didn’t move, didn’t flinch a muscle except the one behind the fly of his jeans. He was stoic and silent.
Oh fuck. Logan waited, fearing Will would pull away. When he didn’t, Logan tugged on the hem of Will’s shirt. “I do. But tonight I want to more than think. I need to touch you.”

“You’ve had too much to drink.” Will’s voice quavered.

“No. I haven’t had near enough to drown the image of you…” He released a shaky exhale. “You with me, out of my head.”

“Logan, don’t. I love you too much to let you say or do something you’d regret.” Will pushed Logan’s hands away. The touch sent a jolt of liquid heat scorching through him. He burned and he didn’t want Will stepping back.

Logan wanted Will closer. “How do you know I’d have regrets?”

“Because you aren’t gay.”

“How do you know?”

“Because you love pussy.”

He did, loved the wet heat of Renna’s cunt surrounding his cock. Her soft whimpers and sharp nails. This was different and no less arousing. “You’re right. I’m straight.” He glimpsed Will’s groin. Will’s cock strained against the front of his jeans. Logan swallowed. Blood roared through his ears. Fuck, maybe he wasn’t completely straight, but just a little bent.

He could live with that. Because he couldn’t live without taking the chance, risk his friendship to—to what? Experiment with Will? Touch him? Kiss him? Fuck him? His stomach rolled. Tonight he didn’t know what he wanted. He only knew if left to Will, they never would be anything but friends. Logan wasn’t sure that was enough.

“What are you worried about?” Logan whispered.

“Losing you.”

“Won’t happen.”

“You’re right. Because nothing is going to happen between us. You’ve been drinking. You had a fight with your girlfriend and I’m not going to be the cause of your break-up.”

Guilt wormed its way into Logan’s gut. Though his relationship with Will wasn’t some hook-up, it could still hurt Renna. Logan cared about her. He couldn’t cheat on her because he wouldn’t risk losing her.

But, like breathing, his responses for Will were uncontrolled, and Logan didn’t want to control them. He’d figure out what to do tomorrow. He’d talk to Renna, be honest with her. He’d have to be because he couldn’t lie to her and he couldn’t continue to lie to himself. But, tonight…tonight was about Will. “This isn’t about Renna. Just you and me.”

“Believe me, you’d have regrets. We both would.”

“Would you regret kissing me?” He leaned in and drank in the scent of Will’s cologne. “I know you want to.”

“No,” Will whispered. “Because I’m not going to kiss you.”

Logan’s heart felt as if it jumped into his throat then plummeted to his feet. He put his hand on Will’s waist. Electric current flowed through him, heating him, sending a high frequency vibration through every nerve. A rush of adrenaline weakened his knees, yet had him wanting more. “Then I’ll kiss you.” Oh fuck, he was going to kiss Will. His lips tingled and yet he shivered with fear of what it would mean to kiss him…what would happen if he kissed him…what would happen if he didn’t. That thought was more unsettling than the truth—that he was as attracted to Will as he was to Renna. Something different fluttered in his gut, something no less arousing than what he felt with Renna.

Logan did it. He slanted his lips over Will’s.

Will sucked in a quick breath. Then he stilled.

The kiss was just lips, soft and warm. Logan had never kissed a man, never wanted to until this moment. His head lightened and his cock hardened.

Will groaned, fisting his hands at his side. Logan rested his hands on Will’s hips and sliced the edge of his tongue along Will’s mouth. “Kiss me, Will.”


When Will spoke, Logan slipped inside. Kissing Will was dangerous because he tasted so good. Raw, masculine, and forbidden.

A ravishing growl rolled from Will. He snaked his arms around Logan, grabbed his ass, and ground their cocks together. “Fuck.” Will became the aggressor. His mouth opened, plunging deep, swirling over Logan’s teeth. Tongues tangled and sparred. Hot, wet, intense.

Will shifted their positions and backed Logan against the refrigerator. “We shouldn’t do this,” he hissed into Logan’s mouth. “But fuck, I can’t take anymore.” He cupped Logan’s cock and gently squeezed. “You wanted to know. Now you do.” He stroked Logan through his trousers. “Yes. I want this, want you.” His lips feathered along Logan’s neck. His mouth was hot and thrilling. Sucking, tasting and kissing. Will glided his hands higher, delving between them and tugging on the snap to Logan’s trousers.

Holy shit. Will moved fast. Logan fought to keep up, chasing Will’s mouth. Lips crushed lips. The whir of Logan’s zipper sent a hot torrent of need into his cock. Quivers rippled over his abdominals. His stomach tightened and Will’s knuckles brushed against Logan’s flesh. Fire licked his loins. His balls throbbed and his dick was kicking to get out of his pants.

Logan was breathing hard, immersed in the moment, awaiting Will’s touch. “Ah. Fuck.”

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