Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Rethinking my latest title - Do you have an idea?

So I have a book I wrote eons ago. It's the first book in a two book set. Originally it was called Montana Sugar. kind of a cute play on words. in the story Allison received a horse as a gift from our hero. but then he insults her by telling her the horse reminds him of our heroine. Sweet tempered and easy to ride. Yeah, not a good moment for him. The second book was previously published but I never published the first one. So I renamed the second book, once called Marion's Train, to "To Wed a Wanton Woman" so to tie in the first book in the series, I decided to call it To Wed a Virgin Whore because the book does start out with Allison working in a brothel. Now I'm not sure I like the title. So options are
Montana Sugar
To Wed a Virgin Whore
Montana Man
Marrying a Montana Man

the story takes place in Montana. Western Historical and not erotic. it's barely spicy rated. a couple of good sex scenes at the end. anyone have an ideas? If i use your idea, I'll give you credit in the book. :) and I'll throw in some goodies I have here at the house.


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