Friday, May 02, 2014

Betrayed Vows - It's Finally Here!

More years than I want to say ago, I saw a program on prison marriages. The women were blushing brides
that will never know the intimate touch of their husband. The grooms were thrilled to know that their life of confinement had a sliver of light and normalcy. All was right in the world. How well did the brides know the grooms? As well as can be expected with phone calls and a two hour visit once per week. So here is where my story took root. What happens when the prisoner is paroled? The relationship was built on separation. What if the wife preferred it that way....

Everything in Gretchen Booker’s life was as she wanted it. A husband on her terms. Companionship without physical contact. That’s why she married a lifer. Who would’ve thought it would all come to an end after only ten years?

Life on the outside is not as Landon Booker expected. But how can he make a future for himself beyond prison walls when the woman who is supposed to love him wants to see him sent back to the penitentiary.

Crystal Evans isn’t a home wrecker. Landon needs a friend…someone who can help protect him from his conspiring wife. Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan.

Yet vows betrayed leave all three with something to lose—Crystal her heart, Landon his freedom, and Gretchen the life she had before.

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“This smells like heaven.”

Landon Booker glanced over his shoulder to his cellmate.

Jesse inhaled deeply, sucking a piece of paper flush against his nose and mouth. “My old lady walks around for a day with my letter in her panties before she mails it.”

Landon laughed at his friend. “A pleasure, I’m sure, but one to keep for yourself.”

Jesse lay down on the bottom bunk and balanced the letter on his face. “Trude’s coming up today. How about your old lady? She gonna make it?”

“I hope so.” Landon closed the envelope containing an anniversary card but didn’t seal it. “Ten years this Friday.” He’d made plenty of mistakes in his life. Making prison his residence had been the biggest. Placing a personal ad that found Gretchen had been the best. Ten years together in every way except one; the state penitentiary didn’t allow conjugal visits.

“Ten years.” Jesse shook his head in disbelief. “Long time to go without gettin’ laid.” He leaned up on his elbow. “You sure you don’t wanna sniff.” He held the letter out. “You’re serving life, dude, just like me. Better take what you can get.”

“Jesse, I’m not visiting with my wife after I’ve scratched and sniffed your letter.” He stood, leaving the card on the metal shelf bolted to the wall of their eight by twelve prison cell. “Visiting isn’t for a couple of hours. Want to play chess?”

Jesse tucked the letter safely under his pillow before joining Landon. “Maybe I’ll beat you today.”

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Wendy VWandFOhMy said...

Broken a promise..Yes. Broken a vow now- the ex did that enough for both of us

KyAnn said...

Hi Wendy
I've broken a few promises too. :) But with age comes awareness and now I don't make a promise I know I can't keep.

Cheryl M said...

Always on the lookout for a new author, just found one. :)

Tempestt Patterson said...

I've unfortunately broken promises but as I got older I learned not to make promises that I wasn't positive I could keep.

Susan W said...

I've broken promises in the past and learned from my mistake.

KyAnn said...

thank you Cheryl!

Tempestt - I keep the same rule for myself, especially after I had children. a broken promise to them had meant the sky is falling lol but now that they are teenagers, they know I do what I say and that I expect the same.

Susan, I don't think there is a person who hasn't. but that is the hope i think for all of us, that we know what's it's like for someone to break a promise to us so we try not to break promises to others

wanda f said...

As a teenager and young adult I broke plenty of vows and promises as an adult no to me my word means everything and everyone who knows me knows that my word is my bond as they say :).

Mary Preston said...

If I make a promise I always keep it.

Esperanza Garcia said...

Oh my I think all of us have broken promises, but to break a vow is much greater. Hmmmm Who will spill the beans? Lol

Julie said...

I have broken a promise before.

JavaGirlGP said...

I try not to make promises that I may not be able to keep. I'm sure I broke a few promises when I was younger. My kids might tell a different story, however. When they were younger, a 'maybe' from me translated to a promise in their minds.