Friday, September 04, 2015

What's on the Menu....

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A collection of short stories written by bestselling authors, representing an eclectic mix of styles and genres. In a word, this book is a smorgasbord; an opportunity to try a bit of everything. 
In the spirit of the smorgasbord, the collection is presented as a menu and authors have shared recipes which accompany each story—some fitting, some funny, some simply old favorites. 
Ranging from ultra-short but spine tingling, to meatier tales that are nearly novellas there is a little something for every appetite including comedy, tragedy, fantasy, werewolves, at least one ghost, life, death, and of course love. 
Dig in. We hope you find at least one tidbit you enjoy. 

Additional Authors: Mary McCall, John Robin, Ria Cantrell, Brenda Margriet, Stephanie Joyce Cole, Kimberly Comeau and Ted Grosch 
NOTE: Some stories contain mild to moderate violence. Others contain explicit sexual content (including mild bondage, sensual spanking, and graphic sexual language) which some readers may find offensive. It is intended for mature adults. Stories with potentially objectionable content are clearly identified. 

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