Saturday, August 09, 2008

Woo Hoo! I have my new cover for Rough Justice.
Here is the blurb

Rough Justice
EROTICAIt is not Roxanne Savage's night...but it will be.
Five miles from home, in the middle of nowhere, she runs out of gas. Unable to reach her best friend, Jay Turpin, on his cell, she calls local sheriff-and current object of lust-Ivan Soto.For six months Ivan and Roxie have been playing a game of cat and mouse. Coming to her rescue on a deserted country road, Ivan finally has Roxie right where he wants her-assuming the position up against her car, with her legs spread.
When Jay rushes to Roxie's to make sure she's made it home safely, he discovers her in the custody of Sheriff Soto, experiencing a little Rough Justice. Jay loves to see Roxie having a good time, but if Ivan wants to frisk her further, he'll have to learn to share.


danetteb said...

Nice cover KyAnn :D

The blurb is hot too. Is there an excerpt for Rough justice ?

Hugs, Danette

Dena said...

Great cover KyAnn!