Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mercy of the Dragon - New GBLT in the Garden

I have been meaning to tell you about my latest releases in the Wilder Garden. Several months ago, my editor came to me because she knew I had a love of m/m romance. The Wild Rose Press was opening its Scarlet Rose line to gay erotic romance and would I be interested in writing a few stories to help get the genre launched. Well, absolutely. I actually had one complete, but I hadn't decided where to submit it. So the opportunity couldn't have come at a better time for Mercy of the Dragon.

Mercy of the Dragon released on Jan 28 to mixed reviews but a common thread was there. it's hot m/m shape-shifter romance. The one complaint is that the story is too short and they want more. That's a complaint I love. Nothing is more validating than to have someone say they wanted to read more about characters I've created.

Up Close and Personal is releasing and next month you'll meet three cowboys in Going Down Hard.

I love the tumble of two men falling in love so I'm especially proud to see this genre come to the garden.

Thank you to my wonderful editor, Diana, for asking me to bring these three short stories to the Wilder side of the garden.

Mercy of the Dragon
Gay BDSM Fantasy shape-shifter
The Wilder Roses
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Ja'darien, slayer of Dracs, will stop at nothing to banish his deviant desire for the dragons. He won't rest until he rids the world of the beasts. On the edge of a ravine, he waits for his prey.

Kerkira, a winged dragon, hunts the slayer. Yet, when given the chance, he can't kill his enemy. The man is his mate. However, because of Ja'darien's sins against the Dracs, Kerkira vows the slayer's submission will not be pleasant.

The bond of mating is more intense than either is prepared for. Will Kerkira forgive him because Ja'darien is at the mercy of the dragon?

This title contains: explicit language, anal sex, bondage,
BDSM, and m/m.


Kerkira approached the bedding. The slayer, naked and bound with cord to his pallet, continued to sleep. Kerkira swallowed hard. Ja'darien was beautiful in repose. His perfect form was seemingly at peace. His full lips softened to a half smile. High brows arched over expressive eyes.

On the ridge above the ravine, those emerald eyes had revealed more than fear and hatred. Passion and lust. Even if Kerkira hadn't scented the sweetness of his essence, he'd felt the heat radiating off Ja'darien. Ja'darien's engorged cock had pressed against his tunic. The arousing fluids dampened the protective cloth and sent shards of pleasure unfurling within Kerkira's dragon—awakening the man.

"How do I make you understand?" he whispered to the sleeping slayer. If only Ja'darien had realized he'd destroyed his destiny with his rage against dragons.

Kerkira had stripped him of clothes upon arriving at his lair. His mate was for his pleasure and the need to roam hand, mouth and cock over the muscular perfection was increasing with each passing moment. Instinct to mate, to claim him—to mark him—was overwhelming. But so was the need to discipline the slayer, to punish him with painful pleasure.

As he had tied the intricate knots in the rope, binding Ja'darien to the bed, Kerkira's clawed hands had trembled.

"You will never slaughter another Drac," Kerkira vowed. Ja'darien's destiny was to serve and Kerkira would see to his instruction. "For the pain and death you've rained upon my species, your submission to me will be total and complete." His eyes narrowed as he visualized a submissive Ja'darien accepting Kerkira's power and learning to take pleasure in punishment. Ja'darien had been fighting against his true nature. A dragon's mate was always submissive. "However, it may not always be pleasant."

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