Friday, February 25, 2011

Up Close and Personal
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Up Close & Personal

Up Close and Personal
The Wilder Roses
Gay erotic contemporary
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No way is Nate Sheppard attending the office celebration to kiss his new boss's ass. He's already been there and done that. And it literally screwed him out of a promotion. Now he's done with interoffice affairs. Especially when the only man he truly wants is off limits.

Graham Eddins knows Nate isn't opposed to office romances, but Nate's been screwing the wrong men. Until now Graham hasn't been willing to risk their friendship. However, if he wants more, he's going to have to offer Nate a new that's up close and personal.

This title contains: explicit language, anal sex and m/m.


Graham leaned against the wall and crossed his arms over his chest. "I never pegged you for a player." His gaze sizzled over Nate, over his chest, along his stomach and paused on the fly of Nate's trousers.

"I'm not a player."

"Then a slut."

"I can live with slut. I like sex." He'd like to have sex with someone he cared about, but he wasn't sure he was ready to care about anyone...except Graham. "But, unlike Joe, I never lied." Nate spun away. His cock strained against the fabric, the bulge becoming more defined. "I never pretended to want more from him. I don't do serious." Because of the barely banked heat he felt for Graham. Their friendship fed his need for everything but sex.

"Bullshit." Graham grabbed his arm and turned him back around. They stood together, nearly touching. Nate could see Graham's pulse pounding in the strong column of his neck, the flush of color in his cheeks, and feel the warmth of Graham's breath against his face. His lips looked soft, soft enough to kiss. Graham had mesmerizing eyes to drown in, to forget about everything but seeing those smoky irises darken with passion. "You're the most serious man I know."

"Graham," he whispered, afraid to say more, afraid to reveal too much about the rioting sensations firing through him. Kiss him. Touch him. Tell him how you feel.

"You're driven by your job, but not enough to fuck for a promotion." Graham rested his hand on Nate's hip.

Breath froze in Nate's lungs, his chest tightened, and his gut clenched. He found enough voice to whisper, "No."

Graham's fingertips hesitantly inched higher, onto Nate's waist. "What will you fuck for?"

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