Friday, March 25, 2011

Going Down Hard
KyAnn Waters
m/m/m Cowboy Menage

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Going Down Hard

Love sucks. Relationships suck. But Hale Reston loved Jesse Whitfield anyway—until he left without saying goodbye and without an explanation. Hale was going down…going down hard. Braden Owens picked him up and showed him loving someone doesn’t have to hurt. Just as Hale has convinced himself what he has with Braden is just sex, Jesse returns and Hale must accept that his emotions run deep, but not just for Braden. He’s still in love with Jesse, too.

This title contains: explicit language and ménage a trios (m/m/m).

Rosette (35 pages)


Hale couldn’t turn away from the intensity in Jesse’s brown eyes. Those lashes and the dimples in his clean-shaven face. Sharp angles carved his square jaw. In the months he’d been gone, he’d gotten his hair cut. Now short on the sides and longer on the top, Jesse had lost the rancher edge and taken on a city sophistication. Damn, but it looked good on him.

Jesse leaned in closer. “I’m not walking away from us.”

The subtle scent of Jesse’s cologne reminded Hale of the intimate moments he’d spent kissing Jesse, of touching him and rubbing against him until they’d both come in their jeans. The bittersweet memories were more than Hale wanted to remember. “You already did.”

The barn door swung open, flooding the area with bright sunlight. Cowboy hat, worn jeans hugging slim hips, long legs and cowboy boots. Hale swallowed hard. Braden always had the same affect on him. As beautiful as Jesse was, Braden was rough and rugged. Jesse carried the scent of fine cologne…Braden smelled like sweat and man. He was hard, lean and tough as nails. And he wanted Hale.

“Hey, stranger,” he said to Jesse as he came into the barn, his determined gait eating up the distance between them. Braden’s friendly smile stretched across his tanned face, and his blue eyes sent heat into Hale’s groin. These were the two men he wanted, but only one could he have. Braden. And he needed him.

“You can get out now,” he said to Jesse.

Braden slapped Jesse on the shoulder. “You look good.”

“Fuck you,” Jesse spat and stormed out of the barn.


Hale’s gut clenched as the barn door slapped the wall hard, bounced back, then swung on its hinges.

Braden leaned against the beam and cocked an eyebrow. “So much for a quiet Sunday morning. Do I need to ask how it feels to have him back home?”

Hale didn’t want to feel anything at all, but he did. Seeing Jesse again hurt like hell. He knew it would because to see him was to want him. Nothing had changed. Except that this time, Hale had turned Jesse away. “I couldn’t care less.”

“You’re full of shit.” Braden tossed off his hat and closed in tight, pushing Hale against the stall wall.

Hale couldn’t speak. Desire coiled in his gut and threatened to snap. Need of Braden and want of Jesse. Braden’s whiskered jaw rasped against his cheek as Braden kissed his neck with his hot, wet mouth.

“I know you too well.” Braden nipped at Hale’s mouth. Fine lines creased the corner of his blue eyes. Braden was a few years older than Hale, but thirty looked good on him. Bronzed by the wind and sun. Hard from work. And he was experienced—skilled in everything from ranching to sex. “You do care.”

He slammed his lips onto Hale’s. Firm and demanding. Together their passion was explosive, consuming, and mutual. But more than that, Braden did know Hale. When Hale was going down—going down hard—Braden was there. He watched Hale crash…then picked him up.

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