Friday, February 28, 2014

Susan JP Owens is in the Hot Seat

Today I have Susan JP Owens in the hot seat. Her new story Walking Into Her Heart is available now on Amazon.

Susan I'm so glad you're here today. Lets get started.

Do you plot or let the story unfold as you write? 
I’m a plotter and a pantzer. I take the initial idea and write a synopsis from point A to Z, from then on, I let the characters unfold the story.

Have you ever cried while writing a book? 
Oh yes, I’m a crier from the word go, writing, reading, movies, plays and if someone is crying, I join them.

What was the hardest chapter/book to finish and why? 
The hardest chapter for me is always the first one. Have I started at the right point in the story? There is a gut feeling I get when I know that’s the one I want.  

What is your favorite book you’ve written and why? 
That’s a hard question to answer, but if I had to choose “Walking Into Her Heart”, part of my soul and tears are in that story.

How much if any influence do you have on cover art? 
My cover artist allowed me to choose everything and I listened to what her thoughts were through her artistic eye. She did an absolutely wonderful job.

I agree. the cover is stunning.

Now for a little fun.

What did you want to be when you grew up? 
A cartographer, ROFL

Do you have a favorite quote? 
I have several, but I’ll go with one that to me is empowering. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Have you ever found true love? 
Yes, it took me thirty-five years.

Do you have any hobbies? 
I love skydiving.

Oh hello, you're a daredevil!

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would be the most essential for you? 
Assuming I already had the essentials like food and water, the next three: my dear husband, lip balm and a solar powered laptop. Yes, I’d keep on writing!

Thank you for stopping by.
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SusanJPOwens said...

Thank you for having me, it's great to be here.I love your site, KyAnn. Smoking hot covers and stories!

Anonymous said...

I read your book and couldn't put it down... stayed up half the night. Thank you for such a great read. Anyway, I have two questions, 1. How do you know so much about Wyoming? Were you raised there? 2. When will a sequel be out?

Darah Lace said...

Hi Susan, congrats on your book! My question is, what the heck is a cartographer?

SusanJPOwens said...

Hi Anonymous,

What a terrific compliment that you stayed up for half the night reading Walking Into Her Heart. Thank you so much!

As for Wyoming, I visited several times during the summer and winter. Plus, I researched a lot! I had to be careful because much of the land is government, we the people, owned and several Indian Reservations are in relatively close proximity. Also, I interviewed 'the locals' and the manager of Jackson's FBO. They gave me a wealth of information.

The sequel will be coming soon! I don't have a date yet. I will keep everyone updated by my website, twitter, FB and all the other social media forums.

Thanks again for dropping by and giving me your support. It really means so much to me!

SusanJPOwens said...

Hi Darah,

A cartographer is someone who primarily makes maps, but can also develop statistical graphs. I wanted to work in the Defense Dept.then jump into the oil and gas field.

Even though the horrible recession put a stop to those endeavors, I'm very happy where I am right now. I wouldn't change my life's path for anything!

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you and your fantastic books!

Linda LaRoque said...

Hi, Susan. I had to google cartographer. Hmm, interesting but I can see you as a detail person.

I thoroughly enjoyed Walking into Her Heart. Good luck with sales and future works!

Anonymous said...

Hello Susan JP Owens. I really enjoyed your book. I look forward to the next book(s) in the series. Keep them coming.Can't wait.

Jannine Gallant said...

Love the quote, Susan. Best of luck with your book!

Diana Layne said...

Hi, Susan! Love that quote by Eleanor! Good luck with your book!

Alicia Dean said...

Hi Susan! I enjoyed the interview, and that is one of my favorite quotes too. So glad Walking into Her Heart is out now and getting such good feedback. You KNOW I'm a fan. ;-) Best of luck!

SusanJPOwens said...

Linda, I'm excited you enjoyed reading my book. You've been an awesome supporter!

Thank you for your wishes and stopping by.

Nese Lane said...

I LOVED Walking Into Her Heart - an explosive mix of romance, mystery and suspense all wrapped up with a paranormal twist. What more could a girl ask for? Oh,and your cover is smokin' hot! Can't wait for the next book in the series. :)

SusanJPOwens said...

NancyL, I'm delighted you want to continue reading The First Realm series! That's awesome! You've been one of my staunchest supporters.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

SusanJPOwens said...

Jannine, there are times in my life I need to be reminded, and I keep the quote on my phone!

You're a sweetie for dropping by, thank you so much!

SusanJPOwens said...

Diana, who knew Eleanor would be empowering us in today's world?

Thanks for your well wishes and stopping by to say hello! Appreciate you :)

Marilyn Baron said...


Congratulations on your new book. I know it's exciting and I wish you the best. I agree with you. I do cry at the drop of a hat and I have cried at scenes in a number of my books.

I actually know a cartographer, believe it or not.

Marilyn Baron

SusanJPOwens said...

Hi Alicia,

KyAnn did all the hard work coming up with the cool questions and she made it super easy for me to answer them. Kudos to you KyAnn!

I'm thankful you always gave me the the proverbial pat on the back 'you can do it'! Friends supporting each other are so important!

I'm a fan of your books too! Thanks again for coming by :)

SusanJPOwens said...

Nese, I'm glad you loved my story.

Hmm, what more could a girl ask for? A smoking hot guy to read to me, in bed with a glass of wine and fresh strawberries, whip cream optional! I better stop there.

Thank you for stopping by:)

Nese Lane said...

With all of that, whipped cream is a given :)

Amazing "food" for thought - Love it!

SusanJPOwens said...


That's great you are so engrossed in your writing that you cry! In my opinion, displaying emotion is an indicator of a person who isn't afraid of who they are!

Thank you for visiting!

SusanJPOwens said...

ROFL, Nese

You're books are hot too!

SusanJPOwens said...

Jannine, I meant to tell you, I read your book and I loved it! Rock On!

M.J. Schiller, Romance Author said...

Loved this post and I found out so much about you, Susan! Skydiving? Really? THAT I would never do. But the crying part, that's me to a tee. And I have never met anyone before that wanted to be a cartographer before!

RT Wolfe said...

Way to go, Susan. Best wishes!
-R.T. Wolfe

SusanJPOwens said...

MJ, I get the same rush from skydiving as I do when I have a great writing day!

Thanks for visiting and your books are awesome!

SusanJPOwens said...

Thanks, RT, for your encouragement and I'm a big fan of your books!

Linda Carroll-Bradd said...

I'm with you on crying over lots of things. Can only admire your skydiving hobby with my feet planted firmly on the ground. Congratulations on the release.

SusanJPOwens said...

Hi Linda Carroll-Bradd,

That's exactly how I want to land with my feet firmly planted on the ground, but on more occasions than I'd like to admit, my rear rubs mother earth!

I have one of your books on my kindle ready to read! Can't wait!

Thanks for visiting :)

Darcy Flynn said...

I love maps, too and didn't know there was a special word for a map maker. I wouldn't have come up with 'cartographer'! :)
Best of luck with Walking Into Her Heart!

SusanJPOwens said...

Hi Darcy,

I have lost track of time by looking at maps and letting my imagination fly!

Thanks so much for visiting and I'm a big follower of your stories!

SusanJPOwens said...
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Belinda said...

Hi, Susan. I'm glad you decided to write instead of be a cartographer. That sounds pretty boring and your stories are anything but... Yeah, Eleanor rocks!

Diane Burton said...

Congrats on your new release, Susan. Love the quote from Eleanor Roosevelt. I have to remind myself of that often. :)

Susan JP Owens said...

Hi Belinda,

It would have been cool to follow that path, but I'm glad I decided to write too!

This is a little ditty. After all the voluntary tests I've taken, most days, I think with both sides of my brain, and then the line changes from one side to the other, depending on...whether my angel and spirit guides are with me? Or maybe it's planetary positions!

Thanks a bunch for visiting and I can't wait to read your new wip from front to back!

Susan JP Owens said...

Oh, Diane B., you're so sweet.

I can't imagine you having to repeat the mantra, but life has a way of happening to all of us :)

Thank you for your well wishes and dropping by! I'm an avid reader of your work! Keep Rockin' On!

Lorelei Buckley said...

Hi Susan, I love the story, the cover art, the quote, and the fact that you're a daredevil. Who better to write strong female characters? Good luck with your release. Write on!

Susan JP Owens said...

Hi Lorelei,

I'm glad you brought up the subject of the strong female heroine.

Another little side ditty, this story was very difficult for me to write. The heroine had a lot of emotional baggage to overcome. I wanted to rewrite the character and make her capable of dealing with relationships, but I realized that she needed to learn to trust, which she did. Shelby was a capable woman for so many other reasons, but when it came to loving again, it wasn't easy for her.

I'm really pleased you saw the heroine as a powerful female even though she had a rough time dealing with life. Yeah!

Small connections forges colossal energies:)

Thank you so much for visiting and I love your work too!

Shirley said...

My first draft is also like a very long synopsis. Then I'll have to go flush it out.
I was gonna ask what a cartographer is, but looks like someone beat me to it. Interesting.

Kara Ashley Dey said...

The first chapter is a doozie! For sure! Good luck with your new book!

SusanJPOwens said...

Hi Shirley,

I have to layer mine too!

Thanks for dropping in and saying hello!

SusanJPOwens said...

Hi Kara,

Thank you for your good wishes and visiting!

Debra Jupe said...

Great interview, Susan! Loved your book and can't wait for your next one. Maybe the heroine can be a skydiving cartographer?

SusanJPOwens said...

LOL, Debra. Love that idea! Thanks so much for your compliment and for coming by. I know your super busy with the upcoming wedding. Loved your book too!

Lynn Crain said...

Wonderful interview, Susan. You are certainly more gutsy than I am with the skydiving. That's something my son enjoys...LOL!

Many happy sales!

SusanJPOwens said...

Hi Lynn,
Thank you, KyAnn made me feel right at home. :)

I've been told you either catch the skydiving bug or you don't. I certainly did. I bet your son understands the jump fix and the CRW!

Thanks again for visiting!

KyAnn said...

thank you to everyone for stopping by and a special thank you to Susan for spending time on the blog