Monday, March 17, 2014

Seduce Me, I'm Irish by: Allie Standifer

Happy St. Patrick's Day! In honor of the Irish I'm spotlighting an Irish erotic short romance.

Seduce Me, I'm Irish
by: Allie Standifer

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With the luck of the Irish eluding her, Lyra Roberts is at the end of her rainbow. In a last ditch effort to save her beloved Nanny's bookstore, she tosses a coin down an old wishing well. The result of her heartfelt wish is a six-foot-four, green eyed, dark haired leprechaun. He claims he's there to grant her wishes, including her secret desire for an out of this world lover.

Kaden Gold is called to meet his Liaria, his pre-destined soul mate, through the magic of a wishing well. The well has gifted him with the knowledge of her two requests. Always on the hunt for treasure, he didn't have time in his life for love, but the sight of Lyra changes his opinion of mates and he pursues her with the passion of the Irish.

"Have ya been injured in some way?" he asked, trying to ascertain if this was the woman shown to him in the water vision. "Do ya need assistance?"

The woman didn't answer, and instead turned and ran, screaming her red-head off.

"Cease!" he shouted to her retreating back. Instantly, she froze with one foot in the air, her mouth open and hair straight behind her like a banner stuck in the breeze.

Kaden closed the space between them, stopping in front of her still form. Her hazel eyes followed his movements, fear turning them dark. A weight settled in his stomach when he realized he was the cause of her fear.

Slowly, so he wouldn't frighten her, Kaden lifted one hand to brush through her fiery curls. "My intention isn't to harm ya, love. I'm here to grant yer wish."

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Michelle Gallegos said...

Fated mates....such a cool concept. I love the supernatural connection.I'm off to get this one asap.