Sunday, March 19, 2017

Learning a lesson the hard way

OMG, so I have always has this issue with boat sickness. And I've had it for years. sometimes it's pretty severe, other times, I function almost normal...almost. I haven't been without symptoms since I was a pre-teen.
So in a not so lucky small portion of people, we get boat sick from just about anything.
You can learn more about MdDS here.
 I don't take elevators, walk on unstable things like docks, trampolines, or even pillows on the floor because it will make me a little sick. Flying in an airplane, staying in a high rise hotel (like RT in Houston several years ago) I'm a mess for weeks to months. Now here is the brilliant part of my story. Okay my not so brilliant moment. In my stupid thinking, I wanted to take a cruise. so I booked a short little late winter trip for my family.

UGH, NEVER again. Why oh why did I think I could do this. So we sailed March 6 and returned March 10, but not me. I'm still on the f#%@ing boat! at least my brain thinks it is. It's like I can't get off the ride. So next time I decide to try something that I know, because I really did know this wasn't going to go well, I'm going to remember this miserable time in my life.

So yep, another lesson I had to learn the hard way.



Eliza March said...

I'm the same. It does eventually stop but it takes awhile.. good luck.

Mary Martinez said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry the cruise turned out that way. I hope you are starting to feel better. I need you in top writing form by the 7th!

Good luck, I'm sending healing thoughts your way!

stanalei said...

I'm sorry you're going through that. I was excited when I heard you'd gone on a cruise, thinking you'd found a way to deal the motion issue. I hope that you're recovered soon and that memories you made will make up a bit for the sickness.
Take care.

Belle Scarlett said...

When I was a kid I had no problem on boats in some of the roughest waters on the American Atlantic coast. Cut to years later having been landlocked in a desert for all that time, I go to California and take a whale watching tour. Like they said on Gilligan's Island, A three hour tour... a three hour tour...

Barf-city and wild vertigo for 3 straight hours and continuing for the rest of the day even after we returned to dock. I would rather have two broken legs than go through that again.

But I love the water and boats so I got the doctor to give me the seasickness patch. Next time I took a boat over to Catalina... NO PROBLEM! And we took the little submarine ride there, NO PROBLEM.

I haven't tested it out on a cruise yet, but I LOVE the seasick patch. Get it next time. xoxo