Friday, December 02, 2016

Iron Man is Available Now

Book Two is Here!

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Rafe wanted more—a blood bond, with his blood slave Adam. However Adam wasn’t willing to join the vampire world so he left Rafe and the vampire world behind.

Now Adam is back in town for the holidays. They can rekindle their romance in the fetish club, The Catacombs, where Adam is known as Iron Man because of his steel hardware. But what happens after a week of wild, aggressive, kinky-as-hell sex? 
When it’s time to return to the real world, Adam is torn. Rafe is more than a vampire, more than his lover. He’s his partner. Adam isn’t sure he can give up his humanity, even for the man he loves. He has to decide—a vampire blood bond or his lonely human life without Rafe.
Note: Two sexy men in a fetish club can get into a lot of kinky situations, so be prepared for anything, including all-male, multiple-partner bondage sex and orgies in very public places.

and now for a little taste of Rafe and Adam...

The neighbors had really outdone themselves this Christmas. Colorful lights dripped from the house. The shrubs twinkled under the blanket of white and the porch pillars were wrapped to look like candy canes. Rafe hadn’t put up a single holiday decoration. He no longer considered himself religious—not for three years. Not since becoming vampire.
With a groan, he leaned into the cushions. He was twenty-six years old and a seasoned firefighter of five years. This week off work was going to be hell. Shit, his life was hell. He wasn’t taking time off by choice. His captain had insisted that he needed to mourn. He worked the graveyard shift at the station. And while he trusted the humans he worked with in harried situations such as an out-of-control inferno, he didn’t trust them enough to bring any of them into his personal life. He hadn’t trusted anyone since Adam. And that relationship hadn’t worked out as he’d hoped.
Adam had been more than a blood slave to sate his hunger. At least, Rafe had wanted more. Without forging a blood bond, he and Adam couldn’t have eternity. For that Adam had to become vampire, had to exchange blood with Rafe. They would not only bind their lives, they would share thoughts and live as one.
“Love,” he said into the empty room. Love hurt like hell. Rafe had pushed, obviously asking for more than Adam had been willing to give. Then he’d pushed Adam out of his life altogether because Rafe hadn’t been willing to settle for less than forever.
Now, instead of the sweet taste of Adam’s blood floating over his tongue and warming his body, he fed from slaves at The Catacombs. Men who served the sect, served vampires. Men who weren’t like Adam. Adam hadn’t fed any vampire except Rafe. They hadn’t just been symbiotic. They’d been partners.
Rafe drove the maudlin thoughts from his mind and considered his current situation. Tonight he’d rather not be home. He’d rather be hanging out at the fire station or on a call. He didn’t wish harm to anyone, especially this time of year, but nothing cleared the mind like focusing on something else. Fires were dangerous, explosive and unpredictable. Exactly the way he felt.
At some point, he’d need to think about feeding. Right now, he just couldn’t summon the strength to move. The silence was deafening.
Rafe started at a knock on the door. The hour had grown late. He couldn’t think of anyone who would bother him tonight—not after the funeral. At this hour, his friends would be at The Catacombs.
With a heavy sigh, he stood, strode over to the door and pulled it open.
“Hi, Rafe, I heard you had a bad day.”
His gut clenched. Emotion choked his throat. Adam Cross was the last person he expected to see at his front door. “You could say it’s been a bad year.” And it hadn’t improved when this man walked away.
“May I come in?”
Rafe stuffed his hands into the front pockets of his jeans. He swallowed hard at the sight of his ex. Today had already left him drained. He wasn’t sure he wanted to handle a conversation with Adam. But he stepped aside anyway. “Sure. Can’t say I’m very good company.”
Adam dusted snowflakes from his rakishly tousled hair and hunched his shoulders as he crossed the threshold. “I used to be able to cheer you up.” He faced Rafe. Heavy silence hung between them. His full lips pulled into a somber line and were slightly reddened from the cold. “It’s been a while. I had to see you, although I wish the circumstance were better.”
Memories of them together still stung. The breakup hadn’t been bitter or angry. Adam had the opportunity to take a position in Washington, DC, consulting for the government. Prestigious, lucrative and a once-in-a-lifetime chance to excel in his field. All excuses. Adam had left to get away from Rafe. He’d made his choice.

Adam’s skin warmed. Rafe flared his nostrils, drawing in more of the coppery-sweet aroma of the thick blood flowing through Adam. His cock stirred. Time hadn’t lessoned his appetite for this man. His acute hunger intensified and bordered on painful. As much as he needed to feed and wanted to fuck, now wasn’t the time to ravage his former lover. Emotions still ran too deep and Rafe still wanted more than Adam’s blood. He still wanted more than Adam was willing to give.

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