Saturday, December 10, 2016

Repost - Christmas Thin Mint Cookies

I know I've shared this one with you before, but it's the easiest cookie recipe it deserves a repeat.
My boys wouldn't think if was Christmas if we didn't have a plastic container in the fridge filled with thin mint cookies.

Supplies: Ritz crackers
chocolate candy coating/Chocolate bark
peppermint extract
cotton balls

Melt the chocolate. I usually use my crockpot on low until it's melted, then turn to warm to keep the chocolate melted.

Dip a cracker in the melted chocolate until
covered. I use a fork s
o I can tap off the excess chocolate on the inside edge of the crockpot.

Place chocolate covered cracker on wax paper.

once the chocolate has set on the crackers, stack them in a plastic/Tupperware container between layers of wax paper. I use an empty gallon ice cream bucket.

Tip the peppermint extract into a cotton ball to wet. Just a few drops per cotton ball. Every couple of layers of cookies, place a peppermint cotton ball.

Store cookies in the air tight container in a cool place. After 24 hours of soaking up the peppermint extract, they are ready to eat. they taste just like a thin mint cookie.

Happy Holidays

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