Thursday, July 03, 2008

Congratulation to Rhonda for winning yesterday.
The first of June and we were still getting snow in Utah. well, that's over. today it's going to be 101 and tomorrow 103. My yard is suffering. At the first of the season, my excuse had been, it's too cold, I'll get to it when it warms up. then I missed the "warmed up" time and now my excuse is it's too hot. my dh wants to strangle me. he's threatening to rip out my flowerbeds and put down rocks.

the truth is, I hate yardwork. if there is an excuse I can use to put it off for another day, oh yeah, I'll use it. I didn't clean out the flowerbeds last fall, and I haven't cleaned them out this spring. it'll be fall and if I'm lucky we'll get early snow and I won't have to clean them out then either.

Maybe i should just concede to my husband and get the rocks.
ere anything you procrastinate doing to the point it doesn't get done?

Today the prize is When A Rose Blooms by Tarah Scott. (because at my house, if a rose blooms, it's lucky the overgrowing weeds didn't kill it =)) My thanks and appreciation to Tarah for participating on my blog event and also being part of the Christmas in July event. You can check out Tarah at

When A Rose Blooms by Tarah Scott
Blurb: On the fifth year anniversary of Margaret Moncreiffe's death, her husband Nathaniel kneels at her grave, asking the questions he fears were answered the night she died of a mysterious fever. As the evening progresses, however, a flesh and blood woman enters the battlefield he has created around his heart, forcing him to choose between life among the living, or life with nothing but memories of the dead.


Chicks of Characterization said...

I too hate yardwork and procrastinated until it looked so horrible that I couldn't stand to look at it, my husband and I finally decided this May that we had to do something. We tore everything up and planted only perennials and put down the plastic, a border and rock. So far we have only had a handful of weeds which makes me happy! The other thing I procrastinate about is my writing .. ugh, I get on a roll, get moving, and then WAM- NOTHING!! Its so frustrating!!!!!! Anyway, I'll hope for an early fall so you won't have to clean out those gardens!!! :O)

Andrea :O)

KyAnn said...

Thanks Andrea.
And I'm glad you feel my pain. Black plastic and rocks are in my future.

Zulmara said...

YGG...I do not hate yardwork, cuz, lol, I NEVER do has no draw to me at all...I spend my limited leisurely time...walking on the beach...



Anonymous said...

I'm not very good in cleaning the house. I've a bad habit of colllecting newspapers and other paper things in big piles. The other day I realized I have to do something before everything falls down... Would be better to do things in time, wouldn't it?

windycindy said...

Happy Thursday! I can identify what you said about gardening. Of course, I can really see your point. Snowing in early June and now it is 101*!"
The reward of seeing the beauty of the flowers is fun for me. Rain can be a problem here! At first, we tend to get a lot and then nothing. Thus, we end up watering every day! We have stopped watering our grass. I keep one really filled flower bed ( cottage garden look ) and small bushes and a few hardy perennials on one side of our home. Have you tried hardy plants for your zone?! I wish you luck. Thanks, Cindi

Drea said...

I like to procrastinate on everything. According to my Mom I come from a long line of procrastinators. Hee hee. My worst though is my office. I just let things pile up and pile up until I have to spend a day in there to clean it up. I think I do it subconsciencly just so I can spend a whole day all by myself in there away from it all. Ahhhh, freedom from the hubby.....hee hee.

Jane said...

I always say that I'll start spring cleaning early, but I keep pushing it back. It's already summer and I haven't really started to clean up the house.

Estella said...

I love yardwork---all except the mowing.
My procrastination comes when there is mopping and dusting to be done.

Tarah Scott said...

Thanks, KyAnn, for featuring my short ebook, When a Rose Blooms today.

I don't mind basic yard work--mowing and trimming. My biggest problem comes in having the time to keep up. I do like a small veggie garden. Flowers, I can't stand the weeding!

Michelle said...

I've had a garden of some sort or other all my life even if it is a few containers on the deck. My sister does the bulk of the yard work & I do the cooking. I have a tomato plant & some cinnamon basil on the deck. I do have a mini garden at work that just seems to love the ledge by the window some water once a week and they are very happy. Happy 4th to you.

Dena said...

Hi KyAnn, I love flowers but they are a lot of work, why can't the weeds be pretty.
Tarahs book sounds really good.

BethRe said...

I planted a bunch of things in pots on my deck and most of it died that was very dishearting for several reasons the time and money being the big ones

Mary said...

Hey KyAnn,
I'm here in Utah with you and it is going to be HOT tomorrow. And the parade in my town is at 12:30 pm who's idea was that.

I hate yard work, it's like a punishment to me. If it weren't for my hubby we'd have rocks. My dad literaly does have a yard full of rocks.

Your Christmas in July is great fun!