Thursday, July 17, 2008

Crashed by Lisa Dawn MacDonald

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Last night I took my boys and my neice to the amusement park. We don't usually go at night but it was fun to go because all the rides have lights. Anyway I will be dragging butt today.

Today I'm going to give away a copy of Crashed by Lisa Dawn MacDonald.

Blurb: Mars is angry and Mercury is retrograde. However Venus has Jessie French's back.She's crashed into Andrew Jordan's car and now she's crashing into his life.


Whew! Thankfully, Reliable Red hadn’t sustained a fatal blow. The damage blended with the chipped paint and rusted dents she’d acquired over the years.
She turned, glanced at the other vehicle, and groaned. Oh, her insurance rates were bound to take a hit, no doubt about it. She’d placed a lovely dent in the bumper of a fine BMW. Said bumper was barely attached to one end of the car. The other end rested on the street. A bit more damage than a typical fender-bender, but, hopefully, easily repaired.
Oh, perfect. The man she’d hit already had the officer’s rapt attention.
Nervous perspiration dampened the band of her bra. Squinting against the early morning sun, she pushed her sunglasses up her nose. No way would a smile get her out of this one. It shouldn’t have to. The damn light was yellow!
So much for not being late for the first day on the job. And she’d almost made it, too. Only two blocks from the office building, and she had to be behind the only man who didn’t know to hit the gas, and not the brakes, on yellow.
The man pointed to the light, pointed to the cars, and finally pointed at her as she approached. Good grief, it was a simple little fender-bender. If he could afford a BMW, he should be able to afford a dent.
“Excuse me,” Jessie interrupted. Oh my, the man was tall. She’d never been considered petite, yet she had to crane her neck to look into his face. The breadth of his shoulders blotted out the sun. Sandy blond hair and green eyes to swim in. Jessie marveled at the intense impact his physical appearance had on her tummy. Her heart jumped from an apprehensive beat to a fluttering tempo. Perhaps she should have checked her relationship forecast instead of her financial.
Her gaze traveled from his broad shoulders, stiff with tension, down the muscular chest that tapered to a trim waist. She swallowed hard. Thick thighs were encased in black Dockers. Those heart flutters drifted lower and morphed into a sexual twitch between her legs. She licked her upper lip. Nice package. She didn’t know what he did to afford a BMW, but the man wore working casual like a male model.

5 Hearts from the Romance Studio

"This is a great short story; it is a well-written, fast paced, fun story that really works. Jessie and Andrew are both fun, interesting characters, that the reader will thoroughly enjoy meeting. Ms. MacDonald has written a definite keeper."

Question today--

If you read a book that overall was pretty good, but a few aspects bothered you, does it ruin the story for you?

For example, recently I read a story where the hero is hot, loves the heroine, they overcame obstacles, but he did one of my pet peeves, he said things that he couldn't take back. Such as accused her of infidelity yet he took her virginity.


rebekah said...

I read a story were the heroine was not very smart, she just made stupid choices through the whole book. I drove me nuts, I had a hard time finishing the book. Heoines being kinda dumb blondish is fine they are funny to read, but just plain stupidity in a heroine drives me nuts and will ruin a book for me.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree with that. Dumb people makes me angry and can really ruin the book. So yes, some aspects can really do that, that either makes me frustrated or angry.

Jane said...

Yes, the TSTL heroines always annoy me and do ruin the story. I might have a minor gripe about the story, but that usually won't affect my overall enjoyment of the book.

Michelle said...

Well, I guess that is an alternate method of meeting a guy.

blessedheart said...

I don't know if it ruins a story for me, but I am less likely to want to read a sequel to that story later.

Rhonda :-)

Drea said...

I have had a book here a few months back that did that for me. There was one part of the story line that when I got to the end, it just ticked me and it did stick with me and ruin most of the story. ~Drea

Zulmara said...

I usually take a character the way an author writes him/her...and don't tend to get upset, but implausible plot lines will cause me to put a book down and not bother to finish it...



Dena said...

For me it depends what it is and how bad it is. If the story is ruined for me if it was a new to me Author I won't read them again.

windycindy said...

Greetings! I do think that things happen like that in real life. Depending on the characters and the story line, certain happenings may or may not get to me. As someone, said, if there is a sequel, I may not be as apt to read it! Many thanks, Cindi

CrystalGB said...

For me, it depends on how much it bothers me if it ruins the story for me.

KyAnn said...

windycindy is the winner. since you included your email, I'll send you your PDF.