Wednesday, July 09, 2008

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It's going to be another scorcher here in Utah again today. Yesterday at the waterpark I got a little too much sun, so today I'm staying in the house with the AC on and relaxing. hopefully I'll get a little writing done. Perhaps tonight with dh, I'll sit on the porch and sip a mojito.

El Draque, otherwise known as the Mojito.

Francis Drake and his horde of swashbuckling, pirates have been credited with creating the perfect cure for summertime heat. They’d tried to sack Havana and instead mixed my favorite drink.

How to mix the perfect Mojito according to Dallas, the vampire bartender from After Dark. The story is available in Ellora’s Cavemen Jewels of the Nile Volume II.
First, you’ll need a tall, thin glass. I prefer mine frosted. With a mortar and pestle, crush sprigs of mint with sugar and lemon juice. Next drizzle the mixture into the glass and filled the glass with ice. Next you’ll need rum, I prefer Bacardi. If you’re talented, toss it into the air and catch it upside down over the ice. Top off the amber liquid with club soda. Finally, add a slice of lemon and another sprig of mint.
Today I'll be giving away a deck of the Ellora's Cave covers carddeck.

Just tell me your favorite drink?
(I enjoy a mojito, but I love my Diet Pepsi)

After Dark is available now in the Ellora's Cavemen Vol II.
Kayla March has never reached orgasm...not even with a vibrator. However, she has the feeling that could all change when she meets Alandro Blackwood at the club After Dark.
Few vampires can breed. Alandro carries the unique recessive gene. His blood match, believed to have been killed by a vampire slayer, has been found. Unless her dormant vampire gene had already been awakened by a breeder, why would she go to After Dark, the feeding grounds? He'd soon find out.


KyAnn said...

Excerpt from After Dark

"Oh my God, I feel a flush." Nita shifted on the seat and adjusted her top to better accentuate her breasts.

"If you were interested in something besides boring, I'd say he's all yours." Kayla glanced around again. "I'm looking for dark and mysterious."

And there he was. She gripped Nita's thigh and squeezed.

"Ouch!" And then Nita saw him, too. "Oh my God."

Damn! He was gorgeous, standing in the doorway. Partially cast in shadow, yet his features were still discernable. Thick brows arched high over hooded eyes glinting like polished obsidian and framed with heavy lashes. Strong square jaw, hollow cheeks, and lips that hinted at a smile as if he thought of something pleasurable.

Molten heat flooded Kayla's core. Fervid sexual images formed in her mind. How would it feel to run her hands over the broad shoulders hidden under a black, silk button-down shirt? Black jeans hugged his hips just tight enough to outline the bulging cock behind the fly. Straight, dark hair, as black as night, flowed to the middle of his back like a liquid curtain.

"He's sin personified." Dark, decadent, and surely worth eternal damnation.

He glided across the room and went to the bar.

"He looks like the type to fuck."

Nita nailed it. The man exuded raw masculinity. He wouldn't make love, but instead make a woman scream through her orgasms. Kayla wished she knew what one felt like. Most women claimed they could find release in seconds with a high-powered vibrator. Kayla had tried. Maybe she just wasn't capable of orgasms.

Somehow she knew this man wouldn't leave her unsatisfied. Kayla couldn't tear her eyes away from the stranger. Underlying strength radiated. No unnecessary movements. He was completely efficient.

Kayla imagined he wouldn't waste time with pleasantries. A man like that knew what he wanted and would be tenacious in his pursuit. She was determined, too. Tall, dark and dangerous was the hottest guy in the bar and he'd just ordered a drink.

"Didn't you want to talk to the bartender?" Kayla met Nita's eyes and conveyed her intention with a single wink.

Zulmara said...

Enjoy my my Green Tea...enjoyed the escerpt as well...



Karin said...

Used to love margaritas--haven't had one in a long time though. Mostly it's wine these days....

Drea said...

Oh, I LOVE that excerpt. He sounds yummy and I want to read more!

My favorite drink is an Amaretto Sour. YUM. My hubby makes the best ones for me. Man, it is 8 am and I should not be thinking about cocktails, but I am! YUMMY.

Anonymous said...

Mostly it's white wine for me, when it comes to alcohol. When it isn't it's tea. Roibos tea is very nice.

Leah said...

I like the wine coolers. Great Excerpt.

Liza James said...

I love iced tea, drink it like crazy. And a good cup of coffee. I'm not much of an alcohol drinker, but spiced rum & lemonade is awfully yummy....although not as yummy as that excerpt! Whoohoo!!!!

Jane said...

My favorite is Coke.

Tena said...

Your stories sound so wonderful do you only have ebook form Id love to have a book bc I dont have one of those ebook computer and I have a few drinks I like one is called an upside down pineapple cakes and tea I love tea thanks, if you dont mind me asking is it hard to come up with a story I have been trying to write one I have it started but Im still trying to come up with the next things they do. just wanted thank you for the blessing of all the stories you write if it wasn't for people like you who have the courage to write a story then take a chance to have it published then we wouldn't have a chance to read the most wonderful thing a book filled with love, dreams and hope Thank you forgiving us a chance to wind down to the best thing a book to read.
Thanks again God Bless

Kimberly B. said...

I don't drink alcohol very often, but I do enjoy a nice strawberry daiquiri (sometimes even a virgin one). Other than that, I love diet Coke!

Estella said...

Great excerpt!
I'll stick with my Diet Pepsi.

Cherie J said...

I love pina coladas and bushwhackers.

Skhye said...

OOO, Sin personified would make a sweet title. ;) Love the excerpt and champagne. ;) But I can't enter! I'm a Christmas in July hostess. Skhye

LadyVampire2u said...

My favorite drink is ice cold water, and I like the flavored water they have out too. But at times I also like some champagne too.

Debby said...

I tried a mojito. It was quite tasty.

Michelle said...

There is major hotness in After Dark and definitely being added to my "to be read" pile.

I love a drink called a, squirt and a bit of cranberry juice.

I also love pernod and pepsi...tastes like licorice or pernod and lemonade, quite yummy.

blessedheart said...

My favorite drink is Coffee.

Rhonda :-)

Dena said...

Hi KyAnn, I enjoyed the excerpt. My favorite drink is a Cranberry Vodka. I don't know if it has a fancier or cool name.

Jeanette J said...

That's a tough one...I have always loved coke but I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes so I am cutting out sugar. I have found coke zero to be the closest to coke in taste so that is my favorite drink now

acdaisy95 said...

Diet Dr Pepper and Coffee (with lots of cream)

windycindy said...

As far as non-alcoholic drinks, I love Dr.Pepper! I enjoy drinking Mike's Hard Lemonade and Smirnoff's Ice! Margaritas and Strawberry Daiquires! Please enter me in your fun contest. Thanks, Cindi

danetteb said...

I like the Malibu coconut rum. My favorite mixed drink is a Midori Sour(Sweet going down,but you'll feel it later :) )

Yummy excerpt!


Bradley said...

My favorite drink is Mountain Dew, although I do enjoy something called Apple Pucker. =)

KyAnn said...

Congratulations to Karin for winning today.

email me at and I'll send you the Ellora's Cave Card Deck. My card is the 2 of Clubs!


Karin said...

I sent you my mailing info. Thank you!!