Monday, July 14, 2008

The Pendulum [The Legacy Of The Celtic Brooch 1]

(see yesterday's post for yesterday's winner)

Today's winner will recieve Tarah Scott's The Pendulum.

Blurb: Can a woman bring an earl to justice for the murder of her sister?Lady Airin Keith will not rest until Lord Jason Bothwell is tried and convicted for the murder of his young wife. An unexpected marriage proposal brings an opportunity to prove Bothwell's guilt, but the knight who appears with her great grandmother's lost brooch threatens to interfere with Airin's brand of justice when he demands the agreed payment of marriage. A classic tale of murder, deceit and fraud that can be exposed only once the pendulum stops.
She backed up a step. "W-what are you doing here?"
He stopped before her.
"Do you not have business elsewhere?" She winced at the squeak in her voice.
"Aye," he replied distractedly.
"What sort of business?"
Deryll reached behind her and lifted her braid over her shoulder. "The kind that does not concern you."
"What sort of business does not concern me? Sir Gewain is--"
Deryll's head snapped up. "Nothing I cannot handle," he finished.
The heat in her cheeks spread through her belly as, his gaze glued to hers, he lifted the end of her braid to his nose and breathed deeply. Airin's heart pounded against her chest. Hands, calloused and brown from years in the sun, held the braid as if it were a fragile flower. He breathed deeply again, as though to inhale her very essence.
"Is there any battle you can not handle?" she asked.
Deryll shifted his gaze to her face. "I am a man, Airin. No man is invincible."
Her girlhood hero was invincible. The hero who always saved his lady from all harm, who knew when to bestow a kiss, and never pressed her into an uncomfortable situation. This man was anything but those things.
Deryll's gaze dropped to her mouth. Would he kiss her?
* * *
Tarah writes medieval Scottish historicals. My favorite to read. Do you have a favorite period in history that consitantly draws you in?


DawnM said...

The book blurb sounds interesting, I like anything that's got an added mystery element to it. I like the Medieval period generally, Saxons and Normans are always good for a bit of conflict.

Tarah Scott said...

KyAnn, thanks so much for featuring my novella THE PENDULUM on your blog today!

I love Scottish historical periods in general. THE PENDULUM is set late 14th century Scotland. This novella has plenty of intrigue and swashbuckling action--much of that action on the heroine's part! And, of course, love.

Our hero is a true knight seeking his fortune and lady love.

I work today, but I'll pop by later to answer any questions.

Have a great day!

Eva S said...

I have two favorites, medieval Scottish historicals or Regency. This one sounds great.

kimmyl said...

Wow!! a great excerpt. Can't wait to read it.

CrystalGB said...

Regency and American Old West are my favorites. I will read any period if the book sounds good.

Anonymous said...

I love all sorts of historicals.

Ruth C. said...

This looks sooooooooo good.!!

Historicals are my favorite genre.

I wouldn't mind having a time machine that I could travel to any time period, anywhere in the world. Of course, it would also be able to transport me BACK to the present.!!!! I guess I'm asking too much, right?

Other children have security blankets - I hasd a "security book" as I was growing up.

Friends still ask me "Do you ALWAYS carry a book everywhere you go?" The answer is YES.!!!!!!

Give me a man in a kilt and I'll be happy.!!

I look forward to reading this book.


Jane said...

I like regencies and medievals. Like Dawnm, I like Norman-Saxon romances.

rebekah said...

The book sounds like a great read. I love books set in Scotland. I would so love to go there someday. Such great history and beautiful country side. Hopefully someday I can fill that vacation dream.

Cherie J said...

I love regencies and Roman era books but I enjoy other historical periods. This books sounds really good.

Tarah SCott said...

A security book. I love it!

I would love a time machine as well. But I must agree, I'd have to return to the twenty-first century. Without that option, the deal's off. HA!

Estella said...

Great excerpt! Sounds like an interesting story.

flchen1 said...

I'm relatively new to historicals, and I've been enjoying the variety--the Old West, medievals, Regency... there are so many time periods and so little time to read them all!

Drea said...

Looks great! I like most historicals, but am partial to medieval...knights, swords, dragons...ahhh!!

Michelle said...

This one sounds like a really great historical romantic suspense book.

windycindy said...

I would really enjoy reading this medieval historical book! I enjoy Tarah's books very much. Please enter me in the drawing for her wonderful book. Thanks very much, Cindi

KyAnn said...

Congratulations to Rebekah. email me at and I'll send you The Pendulum!

And thank you to everyone who posted.

Tarah Scott said...

Thanks, everyone, for all the wonderful comments about this excerpt and my work. And thank you, KyAnn, for giving away my book on your blog.