Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Congratulations to Kimberly B. email me at KyAnnWaters@hotmail.com. You win Jo Barrett's Hearts in the Dark.

Today I have a special guest- erotic romance author Liza James.

Liza and I are sisters of sizzle over at Erotic Cravings - where you go to feed the hunger. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eroticcravings

Liza has several tempting treats out there, but today she is giving away a copy of one of my favorites, Game On.

This is a story that makes you cheer for the heroine and lust after the heroes. Yep, you get two delectable hotties in Game on.

Liza - I know you have a new very hot and sexy free read at http://www.thewilderroses.com/. Can you tell us a little about Mischief in the Garage?

Game On is a super sexy story. Have you ever done a little conspiring to get something you wanted? (this doesn't have to be kinky ;) )

You have 5 erotic stories avalable now with two different publishers.
Do you have a favorite?
Is there a hero from one of your stories you wish you could take home and keep for yourself?
And will you share a couple of excerpts by posting them in a comment? I thought Game On was a sexy fun read. I also truly enjoyed Branded. Tummy tugs, perfect hero, strong heroine.

Winner today will be randomly drawn from everyone who participates.

UPDATE - Excerpts are in the comments! Woo hoo thanks Liza!


Zulmara said...

Game On sounds AWESOME...and a free read...have to go check it out...



DawnM said...

Unfortunately don't seem to be able to get into wilderroses at the moment but I'll pop over there as soon as I can. Had a quick look at all of Liza's books. There are several that interest me.

Liza James said...

Hi KyAnn, thanks for having me!

Mischief in the Garage is a short, sexy romp that picks up where Mischief in the Dark leaves off. And Will & Shari better hurry because someone is coming...LOL

Oh, of course, that's why my marriage works so well, my husband is easily manipulated! And believe me, he's not complaining. ;-)

BRANDED is my personal favorite and the only historical of the group. It's short, but emotional and very steamy.

I love all my heroes, but I’m sort of partial to Keith from my first story, ONLY MAN FOR THE JOB. I just love that when the opportunity fell into his lap, he took full advantage and fought for the woman he’s always loved and had never been able to forget.

Will and Shari from Mischief in the Dark are my favorite couple. They’re just so much fun, which is why I wrote a FREE READ for them.

And Bree from Game On is my favorite heroine. She's spunky and really loves her husband, which is why she “sacrifices” so much to make him happy...LOL

Let me get a couple of excerpts together for you. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi LIza, your books sounds really great. I look forward to some excerpts and hearing more about you and your writing.

KyAnn said...

I'm going to post some excerpts Liza sent to me. Enjoy. :)

MISCHIEF IN THE DARK reviewed by Diana Coyle of NOR (Reviewer Top Pick)

... This was a sexy Halloween read that I think you will enjoy just as much as I did. Ms. James pens a very intriguing story with some sexy characters that will definitely entertain you. This one is a definite keeper."

(rated R for language)

Halloween night is for ghouls and goblins and making mischief. When Shari Phillips gets locked in the basement of a creepy haunted house with a handsome stranger in a black cape, she sheds her inhibitions, her fears--and her tiger's tale--and makes a little of her own mischief in the dark.

Will wasted no time in sweeping off his cape and wrapping it around her, his hands lingering on her shoulders. He smelled incredible, a combination of soap and aftershave and man.


"My pleasure."

He cleared his throat and stepped back. Shari turned to face him, and they had an awkward moment. They both chuckled.

She bit her bottom lip and cast a quick glance toward the door. "Maybe we should start banging on the damn thing. I really don't do well in confined places."


"Just a little." Unable to help herself, she glanced around the dimly lit hallway. The fact that she couldn't hear anything besides the sound of their breathing was less than reassuring. Even the music had finally stopped. "Don't suppose you have a cell phone."

He shook his head. "Doubtful we'd get a signal anyway. It'll be fine, though, don't worry. The haunted house doesn't close for another couple of hours and--"

The power went out as if a switch had been flipped, plunging them into complete darkness. With a squeak, Shari launched herself in Will's general direction. He caught her, crushing her in his arms as if he were as freaked out as she. They stood there, listening for any sounds that would assure them they weren't alone.

Nothing but dead silence.

"Talk about fuckin' creepy," he whispered against her temple.

"Great, thanks. Like I'm not scared enough."

"Sorry. Just starting to feel like we're stuck in some bad horror film."

"Okay, you're not allowed to talk anymore."

Will chuckled as he rubbed her back, up and down, relaxing her. She closed her eyes and let out a soft sigh. He smelled so wonderful, she was sorely tempted to lean in closer and get a big whiff. Holy man, was she turned on. Naughty thoughts began to run rampant through her sex-starved mind.

Whoa, girl. Shari cleared her throat and leaned back a bit. "I'm sorry. You must think I'm a big baby."

"I think you're beautiful," he replied in a near whisper. And although they were entombed in complete blackness, she could feel his gaze on her like a hot caress, warming her from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.

Come on, Shari, live a little. You're well rid of that man. Time to think about yourself for a change.

Damn right. And let's face it, when would an opportunity like this ever arise again? Not to mention she was a teensy bit scared of the dark. What better way to alleviate her fears than sex with a stranger? A very willing stranger if the boner growing against her belly was any indication.

She slid her arms around his neck and purred, "Such a gentleman. Don't suppose we can change that?"

He chuckled again, the sound deep and sexy as hell. "Oh, I think that could be arranged."

KyAnn said...

GAME ON reviewed by Whipped Cream Reviews:

“This story was a brilliant, one- two punch combination that blindsided me and left me glued to the pages. The chemistry between Jeff, Bree, and Shane is amazing, so fiery hot, my eyeballs felt blistered! Combined with the lines of sweet love between husband and wife (and the all around dirty dialogue) and you’ve got a brilliant story that blows your mind away in just twenty-one short pages. This one’s for those sultry summer nights!”

Excerpt (rated R for language and naughty words...LOL):

With a deep chuckle, Jeff dropped his wrench and grasped her hips. "Hey, baby, now I'm not complaining. You're easily the sexy woman I know. But I like Shane and would never fuck around with his woman behind his back."

"Then how about in full view of him?" Shane asked as he stepped into the bathroom.

Jeff eyed Bree and then Shane. "You guys are shitting me, right?"

In response, Bree braced her hands on Jeff's pecs and gyrated on his lap. He was rock hard within seconds. She let out a delighted laugh. "Hey, if my man wants to watch me go down on our handsome neighbor, who am I to complain?"

Jeff continued to eye both of them, indecision etching the corners of his eyes. That he wanted to join them was obvious considering the flagpole she was sitting on. He slowly slid his hands up until his thumbs rested just beneath her breasts. "You sure about this?" His question was directed at Shane.

Shane set the bottles down and move up behind her. He grasped the hem of her T-shirt and pulled it up over her head, then undid her bra and tossed both aside. "Damn sure." Shane tilted her head back and kissed her while Jeff reached up and cupped her breasts. "What about you, baby? If you aren't a hundred percent comfortable with this, we can forget it, head downstairs and watch the game."

Bree reached up and wrapped her arms around Shane's neck as Jeff used his thumbs to trace circles over nipples. She licked her lips and arched her back, more turned on than she'd been in...hell, maybe ever. Her pussy dripped with excitement, her mouth watered in eager anticipation. "I love you," she mouthed to her husband. He gave her one last kiss, then got up and stepped back.

Let the games begin.

KyAnn said...

I'll be back in a bit. Tuesday is play day for my boys, so we'll be off doing some playing and then I'll get alone time to come back and play with grown-ups. lol

Drea said...

Oh wow, these look great. I also see free read...am definitally going to go check that out. I am a bit under the weather with a cold today...maybe this will steam the cold right out of me!!!


Liza James said...

Thanks, Tessa, hope you enjoy the excerpts!

Liza James said...

Drea, I hope you're feeling better soon! And I definitely think one of my short stories will do the trick. ;-) Try my FREE READ (www.wilderroses.com), it should perk you right up. *G*

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Hey Liza, have a great day! :)

(don't enter my comment into the drawing, I've already got my copy of this scorchin' read!)

Debby said...

Going to check itout. Looks very good.

flchen1 said...

Oh my! That does sound like a scorcher! Thanks so much for the interview and the excerpts, Liza and KyAnn! I love learning about new-to-me authors!

Eva S said...

A fun read with a sexy hero. Yes, I'd like to read it, will check the free read out!

windycindy said...

Thanks so much for introducing me to Liza! Her books sound fun. I am off to read some excerpts. I think her historical "Branded" sounds especially appealing. Cindi

CrystalGB said...

Game On sounds great. I love the cover.

Jane said...

Hi Liza,
I just read the blurb of Game On. I can't wait to read how a woman competes against the Super Bowl.

Liza James said...

Thanks, Crystal, I was thrilled when I saw my cover for GAME ON.

Cindy, I sure hope you'll give BRANDED a try. Here's the review Chrissy Dionne of Romance Junkies wrote on BRANDED:

"...Liza James’s short story BRANDED will have readers’ toes tingling with the intensity of the sexual encounters between Troy and Lily. From the first page right through to the last there’s no doubt that this couple is meant to be together. What I hadn’t expected was to become so enraptured by the tale that I didn’t want it to end. At only nineteen pages BRANDED is an excellent short story that will satisfy your need for a hot story when you don’t have a whole lot of time to invest in reading. Wonderfully written Ms James!"

Jane, you'll have to let me know what you think once you read GAME ON. ;-)

Dawn I think they were working on the website earlier, but if you try now you should be able to download my free read Mischief in the Garage. Eva, Debby and everyone, I hope you all enjoy it!

Estella said...

These books sound great!

KyAnn said...

I'm back and beat. there is something about the waterpark that wipes out a person. I need to grab a Liza book and wake myself up.

Kealie Shay said...

Hmm... all of yor books look so very... tempting! I think I'll definitely head over and grab that free read.

Your books are on my "covet" list! *sigh* Yeah, I know... we shouldn't covet... umm... "want it gotta have it" list? Is that better?

blessedheart said...

Liza's books sound HOT!

Rhonda :-)

Liza James said...

Hope you had a good time at the waterpark, KyAnn!

Kealie, hope you enjoy the free read! Rhonda, hope you decide to check it out as well. I just had a reader tell me the first paragraph cracked them up, and they absolutely loved the rest, so that was nice to hear. :-)

Janet H said...

Liza, I love the cover for GAME ON and I am going to check out the free read. The excerpts posted here are tantalizing. Whipped Cream and Romance Junkies..such good reviews. I am so glad I stopped in from Anna Kathryn's.

Michelle said...

So, what is your favorite game to play? What are your usual modes of inspiration?

Liza James said...

Thanks, Janet, hope you enjoy the free read! And I'm glad you stopped by, too!

Tackle football, Michelle. *G* Oh, and I love Scrabble, and we play a lot of poker. ;-)

I get tons of inspiration from KyAnn's, uh...inspirational photo albums on our EroticCravings loop. ;-) But there's plenty of c**kshots, so if you don't like eye candy of the naked variety, don't go there...LOL