Thursday, July 31, 2008

I can't believe this is the last day. (see yesterday's post for yesterday's winner)

I know there won't be daily give-a-ways after today, but please stop by now and again and check in. =)

I found out last night that my sixth story with Ellora's Cave has been accepted by my editor. It still needs final approval. (more to come once I get the final okay)

Don't forget about the daily give-a-ways on the Wilder Roses blog and loop starting tomorrow. and my Dog Days of Summer contest begins tomorrow.

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If you haven't won a prize this month and you've been posting, email me at (excluded anyone whose first post is today)

I'm taking my boys to the waterpark today, but will be on later to post some excerpts.

So thank you for the fabulous month.
Today-- Tell me where you go to get away. I don't get away. When I need "alone time" my husband takes the kids out and leaves me the house. Alone time for me happens like right now. everyone is alseep, the house is quiet, and I'm taking a few moments to blog. Winner today will receive choice of PDF or bookthong.


Chicks of Characterization said...

Where do I go to get away?? That's tough one- when you have kids there is no getting away. For me just getting in the car with the radio blaring helps me!

I wanted to thank you Kyann, and all the other authors for all the hard work you put into the contest, its been Fabulous!!!

Thanks again,

Andrea :O)

DawnM said...

Congrats on your future release KyAnn. I've had fun dropping by the blogs and seeing what's going on.

Beth Caudill said...

Congrats on the future release. Can't wait to read it.

I go to the movies or a friends house to watch tv shows we tape and watch together. That way we comment on the bad acting or things that make great drinking games.

I get a family vacation once every two to three years.Otherwise I'm at home or visiting relatives at holidays. I don't consider Holiday visits vacations. You pack a limited number of toys for two kids that can't touch anything in their grandparents house and you run around more than usual trying to entertain them. oh, so relaxing.

Nope, getting away for me is just a trip to the movies or a friends once a week or so.

Meljprincess said...

Same here. Alone time is when hubby's passed out on the couch or at work.

Mel K.

Jane said...

I usually go to the library or see a movie. It's hard to get away, but the library and theater are close by and air conditioned.

Thank you, KyAnn for being a part of this great blog event.

Debby said...

Congrats on your news

Cathy said...

My favorite alone time is an empty house too. Favorite place to get away as a family is the beach. I bring my book and chair, and the boys can amuse themselves for hours in the water.

This has been a fun month, KyAnn, and big congrats on upcoming releases.

Michelle said...

Once in a very great while getting away means an actual vacation. Usually, it is just reading a good book with a nice drink in my favorite chair with my feet up.

Drea said...

My alone time is an empty house hubby and my son go run errands and I get some time for me! Not very often, but I take what I can get.

Thanks again for a wonderful month! I have loved every minute of it and all the wonderful people I have met along the way!

Zulmara said...

Thanks for the great month and thanks for the wonderful prizes and wonderful posts...I have enjoyed it...
Where do I go to get away? to the beach...morning, noon, and night...I love the beach...



Cherie J said...

I have two kids, a 5 year old and a 21 month old, so it is tough to get some time for myself. Evenings when they are in bed is my time to kick up my feet and read. Every few months I will schedule a day to get away for few hours while hubby watches the kids to go to the bookstore and splurge. Congrats on the future release KyAnn.

Dena said...

Hi KyAnn, I never get away physically, my getaways are in my mind through all the wonderful stories you Authors write. Thanks for all the fun and prizes this month.

KyAnn said...

Tis the end my friends, but what a fabulous month. Michelle is my winner today. Prowl my websites, choose a download of your choce (excluding the cavemen anthology) then email me at or if you prefer you can have a beaded book thong.

Caffey said...

I will be visiting often KyAnn!! Congrats on the EC!!

When I want to get away, I like to go to the library and find an empty chair usually somewhere towards the back that I can relax into and just read away, no TV to distract me, no one I know around and the like. I love too going through shelves ad shelves and seeing older books and newer ones. Now I want to go!