Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sacrificial Hearts by Skhye Moncrief

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Alone, Twila Deeds tries to find her lost brother and stumbles upon a cult she believes is preparing to sacrifice her in a Valentines-Day sex ritual. She learns her brother has joined the cult and claims to be saving her by bringing her into the fold. She can't trust her brat brother, a selfish teen who never did anything for anyone. Nor dare she trust the cult's gorgeous member who arrives to escort her to the cult's Scottish castle on his motorcycle. She has no intention of falling victim to the sacrificial blade before her baby brother is served his just dessert. But Illusion manifests as free will. (1st Point of Time Travel)

Gerard Abercrombie can't seem to convince Twila that his time-travel brotherhood has only her welfare in mind before his patience wears thin. Time-travel Code will save him because only the fairies know what the future holds as the Gods send two SACRIFICIAL HEARTS racing toward their destiny.

Skhye is an amazing writer and good friend. She is also participating in the 31 Days of Christmas in July so don't forget to visit her blog.

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My question for you today -- is there any genre you won't read?


KyAnn said...

Gerard's trainee didn't look innocent when yanking her protective helmet onto her head. Danny better step into the Stones of Destiny and catapult along the timeline. His hairy arse was smote when Twila grabbed his puny tail.

"I despise motorcycles, Mr. Abercrombie. Can't we call a cab?" Her hands fell from the chin strap, and she sidled back and forth on her low pointed pumps, glaring at him with big blue eyes.

Druid-blue eyes. Those weren't the traveling shoes of a Druidess, though. But the motorcycle was for travel. Covert travel. Nobody would know where they went. "I'm trained to see you safely to Scotland. Trust me."

"Safely for what?"

Apparently, trust is out of the question. "You'll be debriefed upon arrival." He threw a leg over the motorcycle's seat and shot her a commanding stare.

Nobody can glower like Twila.

"I despise motorcycles, Mr. Abercrombie."

"What are you waiting for?"

Her eyelids shut in slow motion as if she'd set the Stones of Destiny on a time travel jaunt.

Was she even breathing? Aye. Her short pink suede jacket rose and fell.

"I hate motorcycles." She squared her jaw and glowered.

Only the Gods would send him to fetch a contrary female. For some reason, she was to be inducted into The Cause. He wasn't allowed to question Purpose. Who knew what Twila Deeds' future held when time travel Code prevented time guardians from knowing the future? There was but one way to handle the situation. He pulled the pistol out from where it'd been tucked into the back of his waistband. "Climb aboard."

DawnM said...

Very intriguing sounding book.

Genres I won't read -- did you mean romance genres or generally?

Let's see, I've got no time for horror stories. Never been able to stand them. Nothing to do with fear I just find them ridiculous for some reason, says the person who loves fantasy and sci fi.

As for romance sub-genres I'm pretty open there. Not keen on ghost stories I suppose. Apart from that I think I've tried everything from sweet inspirational to erotic.

Zulmara said...

I cringe at is too real for me...the better it is written, the less I can take



Cherie J said...

I am not a horror fan either. I am just too chicken. I have trouble sleeping at night.

kimmyl said...

I'm not really a horror fan either.

Eva S said...

One vote more for no horror! When I was young I used to read Stephen King but not anymore. Everything else is fine.

Jane said...

I don't think there's a genre I won't read. I'll probably give most books a try before deciding if I want to abandon the book or continue.

Michelle said...

I'm not keen on biographies and don't own any of them. Political books aren't my forte either. I will at least try most fiction writing although their are a handful of genres that aren't my favorites I have still read some books in them.

windycindy said...

Thanks for the wonderful book blurb! I will attempt to read almost any genre of book. Just like movies, I don't like a bunch of gore, even just in print. Please enter me in your fun drawing. Thank you, Cindi

Estella said...

Great blurb.
I don't read horror stories!

CrystalGB said...

Great excerpt. I don't care for horror either.

Jeanette J said...

I don't think there is a genre that I won't read. I choose my reading material by the story so if I like the description I will read it no matter what genre it is

Drea said...

I think I will try most anything. I don't really choose to read political or non-fiction, mainly because I like to read to "get away" from it all.

blessedheart said...

I will read any genre - as long as it's a romance book.

Rhonda :-)

Dena said...

Hi KyAnn, I enjoyed the excerpt, sounds like a great story.
I won't read true crime or biographies. I used to read scary books. When I was a teenager I read a lot of Stephen King but quit after The Stand, it creeped me out.

KyAnn said...

Congratulations to DawnM. Please email me at and I'll send you Skhye's Sacrificial Hearts.

and thank you again to everyone for participating in my 31 days of Christmas in July.

DawnM said...

Thanks very much KyAnn, I really appreciate it.