Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Pickle my Little Friend by Evan Trevane & Shawn Casey.

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Blurb: The eighth victim in the Bicycle Chain murders is found dead on his living room floor grasping a paper bag containing a pickle.Detective Jack Carter is working on the biggest murder case of his life. Which means, the last thing he needs is to find out that the one woman he has feelings for might be involved in the murders. Vicky Peik knows things?and one of those things is that her boss, Detective Jack Carter, is in over his head. Vicky has stayed a step ahead of Jack in her private investigation. Only problem is, despite her ability to sense the killer, he has managed to stay a step ahead of her. Something's wrong, and it's closer to home than Jack can imagine. Can Vicky find the killer before things go too far, and Jack can't get out?

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Last night I took my boys out to my mom's for their cousin's birthday party. Grandma has a pool making summers fun. So I'm sitting on a deck chair with my 8 year old. And grandpa asks him where his dad is. Pierce informs him his dad had to go to the cops. so my whole family gasps and says oh my god what happened. At this point I start to laugh. I happily say nothing is wrong. He's gone to a concert...the Police.

This is also the child who informed me that Jesus Christ was named after a swear word, yep I'm busted on that one. lol

Do you have any fun kid's say the funnest things stories?


KyAnn said...

Excerpt: (hopefully Shawn can stop by and post an additional excerpt or two)

I extended the paper to Vicky. "Get this down to research. Tell Bill to get on it right away. I want the results yesterday."

"You got it, Mr. C." She took the note. "Anything else?"

I looked at her. Oh yes, I thought, forcing my gaze not to traverse any farther south than her mouth, but replied, "No. That's all."

She smiled, saying, "Okay," then strutted from the room without a backward glance.

I memorized every move, drank in every nuance, despite knowing each luscious step brought with it another helping of guilt. I had been fighting this feeling even before I realized it had begun. Two years ago, Vicky came to work for me. Nine months after that, Marilyn left me. We'd been divorced less than a year now. The light attraction that had existed from the moment I laid eyes on Vicky had metamorphosed into downright lust. The kinda lust it takes working until dawn to do anything about.

Tarah Scott said...

I had a moment this morning, so here's an excerpt of our detective at the crime scene.

“Thought this one would interest you,” Detective Wallace said from behind me.

“Larynx crushed?” I asked.

“Yep. But you’ve got a little addition.”

“What?” I said, tearing my gaze from the neck. I still hadn’t gotten used to the gruesome sight of the linked bruise marks and tiny chain cuts. Hell of a way to go.

“Look in his left hand,” Wallace directed.

I straightened, shifting my attention past the hairy torso and along his arm to his hand, half hidden by the flabby body. “He’s holding a paper bag,” I said, noticing a dark stain that seemed to have spread from where he gripped the bag.

“Look inside.”

I rose, walked around the body, then knelt beside him again, retrieving a pen from my breast pocket. I stuck the tip inside the bag. Lifting the edge of the mouth, I peered inside, sniffing at the contents. “What the—” I looked at Wallace. “It’s a pickle.”

Michelle said...

Yes, my sister was 8 or 9 years old and we lived in a mobile home and it was summertime with the windows open of course. It was evening and we were trying to decide what to watch. She is reading loudly from the TV Guide (all the neighbors could hear) The Bastards Cont'd (it sounded like The Bastards C_nt, you know that word) she kept saying it and my mother was trying to get her to be was embarrassing since the next door neighbors were a retired couple that were very proper.

Zulmara said...

Have to think about a funny kid story...

loved the one you shared...



Jane said...

I don't have any stories where kids say funny things. I'm not around them that often.

Estella said...

The excerpts sound good.
No funny kid stories, My grandsons don't talk much ---yet.

blessedheart said...

When my daughter was about 5 years old, her class was learning about animals and anatomy issues. I had to laugh when she came home from school one day and asked me, "Mommy, are we human?"

And this same girl, at about 18 years old, was trying to figure out a riddle. She asked me, "Mom, how much does a pound of butter weigh?"

Everyone have a great Sunday!

Rhonda :0)

windycindy said...

When my oldest son was around 3 years old, we went to breakfast with my
dad and mom. A friend of my dad's named George met us at the restaurant!
George was going on about my son's really thick hair and being silly! Out of the blue, my son asked me
"Why does that man have a naked head?! George was bald! Thanks, Cindi

Jeanette J said...

I don't have any funny stories but I love reading them

Kimberly B. said...

I have very long hair, which my mom is always teasing me about and threatening to cut. Once we were both at a Christmas party with some family friends, she grabbed onto a chunk of it and said, as usual "I could cut this for you." My friend's daughter, who was about seven, said to me "Well, you're Rapunzel" and to my mother "And you're the wicked witch!"
That'll teach her, huh?

KyAnn said...

Kimberly B you are my winner. email me at

thank you, everyone, for stoppng by.