Friday, July 25, 2008

Good Morning,

I've been sleeping in, but this morning it's time to get back on my schedule. Today I'm giving away Rogue's Challange by Jo Barrett.

Blurb: He made a vow to fetch the woman back through time. 'Twas a task not taken lightly. But he had not predicted her stubbornness or her beauty. The petite woman with the tenacity of a mule may just find a way into his roguish heart.

This book is at the top of my to-be-read pile. Once again I want to thank Jo for her contribution to my blog event. visit her at

Also a congratulations to Kealie for my bonus website prize. Bella is sitting next to me now and Bentley is curled up on the couch.

Now I'm off to make coffee. I have appointments this morning, then do a bit of cleaning. Hopefully I'm going to write this afternoon. My life is pretty much a formula. I told my boys if they didn't give me today to clean, I'm taking two weeks of electronic priviledges. no TV or video games. well, you can guess how that went over. lol

so to everyone else with a challenge ahead of them today...good luck. I know all need it.

So for my question. Do you care if the sex between a h/h comes right away in a story or do you prefer a strong sexual tension and buildup? Or do you get frustrated when your thoughts turn to "Do it already?" because the author is dragging out the inevitable. I write erotic romance so you know you won't wait long in one of my stories. lol But I read a wide variety. I admit to getting a bit impatient.


KyAnn said...

Jenny felt warm, safe, and very comfortable. So much so she didn't want to open her eyes. That is until her pillow moved.

She fell very still and lifted her lids. A chin with a rather strong looking jaw covered in a day old fair-haired beard was barely a breath away from her face. This close she had no trouble seeing the slight cleft faintly hidden beneath the stubble.

With a gulp she lifted her head, dying to get a really good look at Ian Southernland. Without her glasses she had to be nearly nose-to-nose with the man to see him, and this was her only chance, because she didn't believe for one minute that they would find a peddler with glasses, least of all one with any strong enough to make much of a difference. Regardless of how many wishes she made.

Praying Ian was still sound asleep, his deep breathing hinting that he was, she let her gaze travel along his powerful jaw across his features. She was stunned, awed, and thoroughly amazed at how right Tuck had been. He was the very image of her Prince Charming. He was beautiful.

There was a hitch in his breathing and she suddenly found a pair of startling blue eyes peering back at her. She licked her lips as she struggled for something coherent to say while her limbs had locked in place, but what? Sorry I slept on you?

Those amazing eyes darkened, sending her good sense to the farthest edge of the planet, and she pressed her mouth to his. He was not appalled by her actions, quite the opposite. Like a whisper, he teased and tormented her with his lips, warm and soft, and full of sin.

Zulmara said...

For me, with a skilled writer it can go either way...if the writing is weak...I get impatient...Just do



DawnM said...

I'm going to sit on the fence about this and say that it depends on the storyline and the flow of the story. Because that should drive the need for a sex scene - you can normally tell where it's been forced just to sex up the story. But yes, there can come a point where you think it would have been a moot point if the characters were real 50 pages ago, so get on with it already.

LadyVampire2u said...

I'm going to be honest and say I prefer a lot of tension to a great buildup in most of the books I read. But, there are some authors who can write a story so wonderfully that even if sex occurs in chapter one, I'm still really into a book. So I guess I too will say I like both ways and that it depends upon the author and how she/he writes the story.

Jane said...

I'm agree with LadyVampire2U. I usually prefer a build up of the sexual tension between the characters. In erotic romance, I do expect the sex to occur earlier in the book and if it's written well it won't feel as if the relationship is rushed.

Estella said...

I prefer a buildup of sexual tension between the h/h.

Cherie J said...

I like the buildup. I want to see the relationship developed before they jump into the sack. I hate it when they are in bed with each other within the first 10 pages. The exception to that would be something like a friends to lovers story. That is realistic since they already have built a relationship.

Jeanette J said...

I like a bit of build up rather than falling into bed at the first meeting.

Cynthya said...

I prefer some buildup so I care about the characters and know more about them, but in some books it does take too long.

Michelle said...


Well it all depends on my mood & the A good build up of tension can be great & really hot with some authors they can keep that tension just right without being annoying...if it isn't done right you just want it to happen already. If it happens right away that can be great too as long as a good storyline is built with it as well.

windycindy said...

Hi, I like it both ways, depending on the characters and the story line! Most of the time, I would like some tension and build up. Enjoy your weekend! Thanks, Cindi

Dena said...

Hi KyAnn, For me it depends on the story and how long the characters have known each other. If they just met and the story puts them together believably then I don't mind if it's right away. Otherwise a bit longer works for me.

Debby said...

Great 4xcerpt.

KyAnn said...

Congratulations Dena for winning Jo Barrett's Rogue's Challange. email me at

thanks everyone