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Oh Yum! Impulsive Pleasures by KyAnn Waters

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Blurb: Jamie's daughter is getting married and now Jamie has to endure a weekend with her ex-husband and his new wife, the home-wrecking trollop. Jamie can be nice…yeah right. The asshole doesn't deserve nice. However, Jamie's bitterness just might be sweetened when young and sexy best man Mark Bentley arrives for the rehearsal dinner. Oh Yum! He might prove to be just the distraction Jamie needs. And if the ex has a problem with it…good.

Only Mark isn't interested in a little flirtation with the mother of the bride. He'd like the cougar to scratch her nails down his back. Will she invite him into her bed…or will he have to fuck her on the floor?

I'm so excited. Last night I received edits for Rough Justice, coming soon to Ellora's Cave. I've also submitted a new story to my editor this week so keep your fingers crossed.

With or Without You is coming to Samhain Publishing Sept. 23. Edits are done and I'm just waiting for approval on my cover then I can post. It is absolutely beautiful and sexy as hell.

Today I'll work on edits then tonight spend some time with my WIP. It's raining in Utah. Good day for coffee and a good book.

Enjoy your week. I'm going to post excerpts of Impulsive Pleasures in the comments. They are explicit.

Today, tell me anything.


KyAnn said...


Mark Bentley checked his watch again as the plane taxied down the runway. Next time, he’d charter a flight. Not that there would be an occasion such as this again. A man hoped he only married once. Mark didn’t plan to take the plunge—ever.

He grabbed his carryon and went to get the rental car. Fifteen minutes later, he was speeding twenty miles over the limit trying to make up time.

He glanced at the dashboard clock when he pulled into the parking lot of the church. He’d done fairly well not getting there too late considering he’d had to fly a thousand miles.

“Mark!” Wes waved from the bottom step of the church.

“Sorry. The flight was delayed.” It had been a few years since they’d seen each other. Wes looked great. Same college boy good looks, blond hair, clean-shaven, he looked like an accountant. Seemed appropriate considering in college he majored in business right along with Mark. The similarities ended there. Wes got a job and started his climb up the corporate ladder whereas Mark, always the risk taker, had launched his own architectural landscape business. “Ashley must be good for you.” Mark slapped him on the back in a friendly guy hug.

Wes laughed. “Very good for me.”

“So you’ve said.” He smiled. “No worries, brother. She’ll never know how much I’ve heard. I can’t wait to meet her.”

“Come on. She’s in the church.”

Mark followed Wes. About twenty people milled about, some gathered near the minister. He glanced around wondering which young woman was the bride. Perhaps he’d entertain himself over the weekend with a bridesmaid. He hadn’t slept with a woman in seven months and his dick was restless. An out-of-town, hotter than hell affair was just the kind of distraction he needed. Something temporary. Wes was getting a bride. Mark just wanted to get laid.

“There she is, with her mother, Jamie.”

“That’s her mother?” Mark raised an eyebrow. Ashley’s mother was hot. However, married chicks didn’t turn him on. Too bad his cock didn’t agree.

Ashley and Jamie approached them. Wes put a hand around Ashley’s waist and made introductions. “This is my future bride and her mother, Jamie.”

Mark leaned in and gave Ashley a kiss on each cheek. “Wes is a lucky man.” He turned to the mother. And so was Ashley’s father. Mark took her hand, finding the skin soft under his fingertips. Instead of a handshake, he took a step closer and placed a kiss on her knuckles. “A pleasure.”

“I told you. Mark’s a charmer.” Wes chuckled.

“Charmed by gorgeous women. I can see where Ashley gets her beauty.” More than beauty, Jamie smelled like a woman. A subtle hint of perfume tickled his nose and her hair made him think of a chilly, fall evening. Smooth and shiny, it reflected the red and gold highlights of late afternoon sun coming through the stained-glass windows.

Their eyes locked when he stepped back. Fire blazed into his crotch. Moss-green edged with copper, her eyes held mystery. Her smile, however, hinted at mischief. He imagined those full pink lips, the color the same as a woman’s inner folds, wrapped around his cock. He nearly groaned aloud. Damn, but it had been too long since lust had punched him in the gut.

KyAnn said...


Night Owl Romance

"Oh my god this was a wicked short story and so hot. Man almost makes me wish to be older and a young hot guy like these authors are dishing out. KyAnn did a beautiful job in this one in creating a man who is so like Jamie it scares her. She knows Mark will be good for her in and out of bed but is afraid. Now Mark, man talk about all man and he is very naughty when it comes to his women. I really enjoyed the scene at the church. It's wicked hot. Yeah I know weird but you so got to get this book to find out why it is hot. KyAnn not only has out done herself in this book but now I can't wait for more of her books. KyAnn Waters has major talent and a very clever wicked imagination as well. This book is well very hot.

Erotic Contemporary
Reviewer: Melinda
5 Hearts - Reviewer Top Pick

Fallen Angel Reviews

"Although May-December romances are often trite and boring, Impulsive Pleasures most definitely isn't! Jamie is a woman still bearing the scars from her divorce and only with Mark's attention does she truly begin to move past that pain. Although she repeatedly tells herself they have no true relationship, it's evident fairly early on that one could develop between them. Mark, while younger than Jamie, seems mature enough to handle a woman in her prime. I loved that Jamie finally begins to see herself as a strong, vibrant, beautiful woman again through Mark's eyes. In addition, I enjoyed how she was finally able to show her ex exactly what he threw away for his younger wife and at the same time remain classy and true to herself."

Reviewer: Trang
Rating 5 Angels

Literary Nymphs Reviews Only

"I was thrilled when I learned about this exciting older woman/young man series by Ellora's Cave and Impulsive Pleasures didn't disappoint me. Jamie and Mark are wickedly hot together and Ms. Waters did a wonderful job of integrating their steaming hot sex and Jamie's uncertainty into a plot filled with secondary characters that play vital parts in this short novella. While she tells herself that having sex with Mark is wrong, in reality, it's just what Jamie needs to help her get over her husbands betrayal, showing her that she's still a sexy, desirable woman and getting even with him at the wedding is icing on the cake. Ms. Waters has out done herself in penning this fast paced sexual romp and I enjoyed every page of it."

Literary Nymph Reviewer: Mystical Nymph
Rating 4.5 Nymphs

Romance Junkies Reviews

"IMPULSIVE PLEASURES is a fun quick paced romance that holds readers captive to the drama unfolding on the pages. I loved Jamie and Mark's heated secret encounters and couldn't help but laugh at Craig's reaction to his ex-wife's indiscretion with a younger man. KyAnn Waters captures all the emotional intensity that goes on with a wedding, a secretive affair, and an unreasonable jealousy with delightful results.

SNIPPET- Jamie's resentment of her ex-husband's betrayal is prevalent and it's difficult to be civil for their daughter's wedding - but indulging in a little IMPULSIVE PLEASURES with the best man could be the perfect distraction."

Reviewer: Chrissy Dion
Rating 4.5 Blue Ribbons

Dark Angel Reviews

"If you want a smoking hot read that will hold your attention to the very end, grab IMPULSIVE PLEASURES by Kyann Waters. Ms. Waters' has written an erotic story with engaging characters full of witty humor and a past that will come back to hurt one of them. In this case, Jamie Howe has to deal with the betrayal of her ex-husband. I was drawn to Jamie right away. She is a feisty woman with a quick temper and draws blood when she scratches. You can't help but feel sympathy for her when it comes to her ex-husband and his nastiness. Then we have the delicious Mark, who can make her tingle right down to her toes. How I loved to see these two together, time and time again. He seems to make her forget everything temporarily. I like how the age difference in this book is one of the focal points. It actually makes it so much more exciting and dirty! I would recommend this book to all my friends. It is a great way to spend the afternoon."

Reviewer: Becky
Rating 5 Pixies

Whipped Cream Reviews

"I liked reading about how two people with different goals and agendas ended up making a surprise journey that not only brought them together but took them into deeper emotional depths. I laud Mark's pursuit of Jamie; it's romantic, direct and passionate. And the HEA left me with no doubts that Marc is perfect for Jaime.
If you enjoy touching and empowering stories of an older woman being pursued by an earnest younger man, then Impulsive Pleasures delivers with passion and style."

Reviewer: Xeranth
Rating 4 Cherries

The Romance Readers Connection

"IMPULSIVE PLEASURE is a short, fast paced, erotic story. Despite the difference in their ages, they can't fight the attraction. KyAnn Waters gives us a wonderful story, with hot sex scenes, she shows us life doesn't stop after forty. In fact, life is just beginning. This is one story you don't want to miss."

Reviewer: Gloria Gehres
Rating 4

Jenni said...

Well now... great excerpt. It's raining in Western NY too. I'm not sure the sun knows we exist!

KyAnn said...

Second excerpt - BTW this is the book I'm giving away today. If you already have it, I have an alternate prize for you.


"God, you're beautiful."

She didn't know what to say. His statement stunned her. "They're probably… I mean, we should go back. The rehearsal is starting."

Jamie straightened and his hand blazed through her clothing where it rested against her lower back. She gave him a questioning look. Good hell, if she didn't know better, she might get the wrong impression that he was hitting on her. The best man. The best friend of her future son-in-law.

"Mark," she said, walking down the hall trying not to appear as though she was fleeing from his electrifying touch. "What exactly is going on here?" Glancing up at him, she narrowed her eyes.

"I'm going to help you turn the tables on your ex-husband." He put a hand on her arm and stopped her retreat. The pressure of his fingers changed and became a caress. "I rather enjoyed the way you looked at me when we were introduced. I could've sworn you were interested."

Mark backed her against the wall.

"Someone is going to see." She put her hands against his chest to push him away, but the moment she made contact with his silk shirt covering the chiseled muscles beneath, her shove turned into an exploration. Her thumbs brushed against his hardened flat nips and he sucked in a breath. She flooded with desire to rip his shirt from his body, throw him to the floor and satisfy the too-long denied fire in the center of her being. He even smelled like sex. Musky and spicy, totally male.

"That's the look."

Her nipples tightened to aching points beneath the sheer lace of her bra when his chest brushed against her. He leaned in, his breath heating her neck.

"Don't." She closed her eyes knowing his full lips were about to wreak havoc on her senses. Slipping out from between Mark and the wall gave her much needed distance. Blood pumped into her sex. Her pussy pulsed in tempo with the beat of her heart. She ran her fingers through her bangs, combing them out of her eyes, and then smoothed her skirt. There was nothing she could do about the breathlessness of her voice or the pounding in her chest. However, she could project outward calm. "This isn't happening. I could be your mother."

"No, you couldn't." His eyes glazed as he caressed her with a glance. "I'd never want to fuck my mother."

Eden Rivers said...

Hey KyAnn,

Sounds like you've been busy! Can't wait to see the next couple of covers :-)


Liza James said...

Great excerpts, lady! I can't wait to read Rough Justice & With Or Without You! ;-)

I wish it were raining here, I love rainy days. :-)

Drea said...

Fun excerpts! Dreary day here. Storm blowing in and I had some bad news this morning concerning a friend of mine. So, I guess the weather fits. Good to have places like this to come to to take your mind off stuff! Thanks.

Eva S said...

Great excerpts and reviews! I'd like to
The sun is shining, at last! It's been raining for weeks...

Jane said...
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Jane said...

Loved the excerpts. We're still in a heatwave, but I think we'll be getting a thunderstorm or two. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Cathy said...

Loved the excerpts, KyAnn,and wow, congrats on all the glowing reviews.

What a great writing year for you, you've given us so many great stories to look forward to reading.

blessedheart said...

Impulsive Pleasures sounds like a fun story.

Rhonda :-)

Jeanette J said...

Great excerpts..thank you

Estella said...

Impulsive Pleasures sounds great.
Congrats on the great reviews.

Michelle said...

Ohhh, some super hot young stuff lovin' in this one!!!

windycindy said...

Evening, I am going to keep my fingers and toes crossed for you! Good luck.....Cindi

Dena said...

Hi KyAnn, I enjoyed the excerpt. Hope you get your edits done without too much to fix. I hope you have a great week too.

squiresj said...

It is so hot here tonight that the air conditioner is not even cooling house. Hope it isn't hot where you are. I haven't read any of your books but would like too. Have a great day.

Debby said...

Wow, this one really captured my interest. I thin I will be looking for this one

ddurance said...

Oooh, I love the excerpts and very much like the sound of this one, older woman...younger man, very promising. I only recently heard that older women were called cougars. I'm not sure if that's supposed to be derogatory or not. It actually sounds good to me, older...wiser...more sure of what they want.


CrystalGB said...

Great excerpt and reviews. Sounds like a wonderful book.

KyAnn said...

Good Morning everyone!
Congratulations to Eden! you won Impulsive Pleasures!

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