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Giving away All Lycan's Eve from Ellora's Cave

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Today's Prize is All Lycan's Eve.

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5 Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews - All Lycan's Eve was a mouth watering, honey churning novella by KyAnn Waters.

A- The Good the Bad and the Ugly - "Who doesn't love an alpha of a man who knows how to love and satisfy a woman? Especially a man who can transform into a wolf and take his mate with all the animal he has inside? I sure as hell do. And KyAnn Waters sure knows how to write one. Halloween night will never be the same again."

A misdirected email invitation to a Halloween party is an opportunity for Callie Jones to shed her inhibitions and become a liberated woman looking for a night of wild, hot sex. Kean Phelan, alpha male, expected a night of fun and fornication for himself and the males of his pack. A full moon brings out the animal for a night of rutting, which is why he's invited escorts to entertain. What happens when Kean realizes Callie isn't one of his escorts...but his mate? Can he protect her, fight for her, and ultimately claim her once the pack discovers an outsider amongst them? Will Callie accept Kean and take her place as his mate?

Today's question - Have you ever crashed a party?

(my excerpt in the comments today will be erotic romance with highly graphic descriptions)


KyAnn said...

Excerpt: All Lycan's Eve
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Callie's scream died in her throat. Her fingers grabbed at the thick fur covering where there was once smooth muscular flesh. Blinding pain shocked her system and then a euphoric haze clouded her mind. Her body relaxed and stars erupted behind her eyes. In the darkened room, her touch told her what her eyes couldn't.
Intoxicating, heavy scents of musk, male and sex permeated the air. Kean's arms locked around her waist. Soft hair brushed against her exposed skin. She couldn't twist her mind around what her hands clearly understood. She had brought out the animal in Kean.

And he'd bitten her!

Blood flowed warm down her back. The salt of her skin stung the wound. His cock still thrust in and out of her body in a frenzied rhythm. And damn it, he felt absolutely glorious. His teeth piercing her skin held her immobile. She clutched fists of fur. Damn, what was he and what had she gotten herself into? His shoulders were broader and although she couldn't see, she knew he'd grown taller because her arms stretched to reach his neck. She had no choice but to hold on through the wild fucking.

Finally, in an explosion of energy, his body jerked with spasms as he rode his orgasm. His hold on her eased, but before she had a chance to scramble away, warm wet strokes of a soft, velvet tongue soothed the sting and the bite. His long tongue laved the wound. A tongue that felt nothing like the one he had in her mouth a few moments before, but still brought tingles to her skin. Her head swam with uncertainties. How could she be scared of him and yet hunger for more? The licks sent pulses into her nipples and into her vagina renewing the need to have him ravish her again.

"I'm sorry." His lips placed a gentle kiss on the bite.

"Sorry!" Her voice cracked. "You're a lot more than sorry." This time she was able to slide away from him. Fear and adrenaline caused her hands to shake. Her knees wobbled under her weight from the forceful orgasm he's given her. Feeling around on the floor, she looked for her dress in the dark. "What are you?"

"I thought you understood." When he stepped closer, she noted he was naked and appeared almost human. Almost.

Callie pressed two fingers to each temple. It hadn't been her imagination. She wasn't drunk. He had become something…different. Her shoulder throbbed with memory. "Who are you? What are you?"
Kean handed her the dress. "You were the one who said you wanted the animal." He growled and stepped closer.

"I didn't realize that meant you were going to get hairy, growl, and bite!"

The growling and hair wasn't really a problem. Did she really just think that? Of course it was a problem! A major fucking problem. Okay the fucking wasn't a problem. The fucking happened to be incredible. Oh God, she'd lost her mind. She did want the animal. He certainly wasn't human anymore. However, she didn't trust him. He'd bitten her already. What would he do next? Chew off a leg? "Stay away from me." When she'd hoped he'd want to eat her, she hadn't meant literally.

"I'm a werewolf. What did you think I'd look like? I didn't fully shift, Callie. That will happen when we join in the sacred bonding."

"We've done all the bonding we're going to and there was nothing sacred about it." Although during her orgasm she could've sworn she'd seen the light of heaven. That was right before he bit her.

"The wolf inside hungers for his mate…I hunger for you."

Callie stared. She could see him more clearly now. Narrowing her eyes, she tried to detect a weakness in his position. Kean blocked the exit, but there were still places she could maneuver to further move away from him. However, her body hummed in a frequency tuned to his. Thoughts, not her own, drifted through her mind. It seemed reasonable to assume he too felt the link between them. What she didn't know was if he was a man— or beast.

Fear squeezed at her chest like a vise. She fumbled with the dress, pulled it over her head, and shimmied it down her body. Her hands shook. The after effects of her orgasm still tingled between her legs. The rest of her trembled with uncertainty.

Yellow eyes narrowed.

"Please don't be afraid of me. I'm a man with a few special traits."

She put her hand on her shoulder over the bite. "You're covered with hair and you bit me!" Although she had to admit his tender licks and taken the pain away. However, she had no doubt he'd left a mark. His mark. Her skin puckered and swelled around the puncture wounds.

He took a step toward her.

Callie shrank against the wall. "I said stay away from me." Her voice quavered and her eyes darted around the room looking for escape.

Kean closed his eyes and inhaled though his nose and exhaled through his mouth. She could feel his calmness seeping into her, quieting the storm of adrenaline raging within. Just like before, she was unable to resist the soothing wash and embraced the comforting warmth. Her heart rate slowed and her breathing mellowed. "What are you doing to me?" She heard his whispers inside her head.
His eyes opened. "You are my mate. Under Lycan law—"

Calmer now, she said, "No, we mated as in had sex."

"You agreed. Lycan law—"

"Lycan law? I don't care about Lycan law." She stuffed her panties into her purse. "Under the laws of the socially accepted behavior of all cultures, you can't bite people and expect them not to be pissed!" She narrowed her eyes. "I could press charges, you know." Yes, she was feeling much calmer. Rational thoughts overrode the wayward yearnings of a few minute before. Well, most of them. She was dressed and had her panties so she could leave and put this whole surreal event behind her.

"Callie, I knew who you were when you walked in tonight."

"No you didn't. Or we wouldn't be having this conversation. You thought I was Cindy Jones, escort."

"You're right. But regardless of your name or your profession, I knew you were my mate." He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "You can imagine my relief to know you aren't a paid participant."

"Forgive me if relief isn't what I feel." Sex with a total stranger who morphed into a wild, sexual beast left her wanting again. And that was not going to happen. Her vibrator would just have to do. "I don't know you. This is a one-night stand," she shrieked.

"By coming here, you gave me no choice. I've claimed you for my pack to see."

She stopped fumbling with her purse and stared at him. What had he said? It didn't matter, she wasn't sticking around to find out. Coming out to the cougar club for a night of fun and fornication had been a lark. She'd wanted to have a good time, not find herself with some werewolf that probably just gave her rabies. Lycan law, give her a break. Sex with Kean went far beyond her wildest fantasies. Truthfully, she'd never had rough sex, hadn't really understood what it implied. Fine, so the rough part felt pretty good until it hurt. No, what she needed to do was get the hell out of the club.

Kean sniffed the air. "You can't leave."

"Why not?" She inched around the crates, making her way to the light under the door.

"Because I'm not the only one who can smell your fear."

Smell her fear? She paused.

"Callie, you need to stay in here…with me. I can explain and then hopefully, you'll accept me."

"Not on your life."

He took a step closer. "No, not my life, it would be yours."

Ruth said...

This one sounds wild. I do love my were,shifters and creatures that go bump in the night.

Debby said...

I have All Lycan's Eve and it is great. I have crashed a party but I think it was a party to be crashed.

Jay said...

Yep, crashed a party once - never again! It scarred me for life, lol!

Kyann, the except posted was absolutely vivid. I loved it.


Qwillia Rain said...

This sounds really good Kyann, I do so love weres, they have such an interesting duality that they have to deal with.

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous excerpt! Werewolves are my favorites. Yes, crashed a party ones long time ago.

Jane said...

I've never crashed a party before. We were always invited or knew someone at the party.

Cathy said...

Great excerpt, KyAnn, I haven't read this one yet, and love shifter stories.

Only crashed a party once in college. I had one of those friends who could do anything and get away with it, and I tagged along.

Eva S said...

Wolves are so gorgeous!
No, I've never crashed a party, maybe it's time...

Estella said...

Not a party goer, so have never crashed a party.
The excerpt was great. Love shifter stories.

kimmyl said...

I haven't read it but it sounds fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. This sounds amazing, Kyann. I love Callie's outrage. LOL. I'll definitely be adding this to my "Must Read" list.


Drea said...

Wow, what a steamy excerpt...I loved it!! Definitely what to find out what happens now.

And nope, I have never crashed a party. I have been to quite a few, but never a crasher. I was always a little too chicken for that. ;)

LadyVampire2u said...

This sounds like one awesome book! I loved the excerpt but it leaves me dying to know what happened next. Thats the bad thing about excerpts..they end. I definitely need to get ahold of this book.
Have I crashed a party? Only once and only by accident. I went to a concert and thought we could get out of the auditorium through a different exit. I ended up at a backstage party with all the band members. I remember feeling nervous crashing but my family started mingling and taking pictures and getting autographs. I'm sure the people there were wondering who the heck we were. But I ended up having a great time.

Michelle said...

I love this book it is majorly hot. I can't wait for another in this line.

Zulmara said...

Love the sexy...crashed a party...not in recent enough years that I can want to remember...



Dena said...

Hi KyAnn, I enjoyed the excerpt for All Lycan's Eve a lot. I have crashed a few parties when I was a teenager. It was always fun.

flchen1 said...

What an excerpt! And uh, no, I can't say I've ever crashed a party--I'm way too much of a chicken ;)

Meljprincess said...

Back in the 80's when I was a young punk rocker *g* I would crash frat parties and freak out all the sorority girls. Then I'd pick fights with the guys. LOL!


KyAnn said...

Congratulations Cathy. You win a copy of All Lycan's Eve. Email me at


Cathy said...

Thanks so much, KyAnn. I will get out an email to you right now.